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Re: My anal fissure Story

Postby salamon555 » 09 Sep 2015, 20:02

Hello my friends!I am updating my progress so far.This is an ongoing progression.After the third day of my surgerey I had a BM;was medium,with a fair amount of wild pain.I was expecting the worse,but at least it is not like the fissure pain.I am still spotting some blood and in the first three days post-op ,the blood was pink and minimal-size of a quarter,but since then the blood is getting to the size of a half dollar.Talking about medication,on the fourth day I stopped taking the hydrocodone.I was taking the full amount the days after my surgery,and then would take half,and now am down to none at all.I now take [2 ibuprophen 400mg,and 1 Alleve 220mg][620mg total.].And sometimes I alternate between this with Tylenol,all together 800mg.I still experience some pain,stinging,burning and irritation.I have some sharp pain,but I don't know if it from the incision area or the skin tag area.Does anyone have the same pain and can give me any advise?After my surgery I noticed I had bad bruising around my anus area,black and purple,and also on my left cheek.The bruising is gone from around my anus and a small purple bruise remains on my cheek. Has anyone experienced this also?
I do not know if the pain will subside,however,I know that I only had surgery on last thursday september 3rd.I take lots of warm baths and use my sitz bath,and handheld sprayer after I use the bathroom.I know it is difficult to clean,but I try to get the job done,as I know I have to stay clean to help with the healing process,and avoiding infection but the area gets so raw though.Is there anything I can use to help or protect the area?-coconut oil maybe?any suggestions?I am still drinking tons of water and lots of juices.I eat lots of steamed vegetables and sometimes organic chicken,prunes,dates and have added high fiber cereal.In the morning I drink a cup of Miralax and then I take one stool softener at noon.At night I take a half dosage of Miralax.I spend all of my time in bed,but have been getting up a couple of times a day to walk a little bit,or go into the backyard and walk around.The more that I do this,the more the sharp pain comes.what am i supposed to do?My next appointment is the 17th of september to get my follow up.I will keep updating.Thanks again for all of your help and support.
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