Need advice for good CRS London for Fistula

Fistula Surgery

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Need advice for good CRS London for Fistula

Postby kingfisher » 04 Jun 2017, 10:48

hello - firstly just want to say how happy and thankful i am for finding this forum knowing im not alone going through this pain.

Basically I was diagnosed as potentially having a fistula about 8 weeks ago whilst abroad after having visited 2 different CRS. Was told the only way to treat it would be through surgery. Given the cost, fear and time constraints opted not to have the surgery abroad and instead opted for a course of antibiotics.

Initially started with itching and gradually burning inside with painful BM. Eventually there was a small spot located on the ring border that would ocassionaly drain a bit of pus and sting like a cut after cleaning the area with water. I thought this spot was just a small tear, turns out according to one of the CRS consulted that this looked like the opening of a fistula tract.

After the antibiotics the internal abscess and painful BMs seemed to have dissapeared completly but the small open spot on the border remained. I wrongly thought i was healing up and the symptoms would go away by themselves.

A week or so later what is guess is the internal abscess seemed to have filled up again, however this time that external spot has now healed up so its no longer draining naturally during BM. In so much pain right now, with what feels like internal burning and throbbing when sitting down and especially after BMs. Taking 1200mg ibuprofen daily to releive the pain. But the abscess seems to be getting worse and I think i can feel it on 2 sides inside now.

Whilst id love to avoid surgery at all costs i realise will probably just have to get it done and out of the way and I really cant/dont want to wait another 3-4 months to be treated through standard NHS route. Could anyone please advise on the best CRS in London? So far ive been reading good things on here about both Alastair Windsor and Robin Phillips, are these the main 2 to consider or are there other good ones people have has experience with?

Approximatley what kind of costs should I expect from a private CRS in London, from intial consultation through to any scans and eventual surgery?

Sorry for the long post guys, but any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!!!
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