Need some advice from you lot!

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Need some advice from you lot!

Postby felix » 14 Aug 2016, 06:34

So I haven't posted for a while because things have been ok, I have had periods of being totally fine and then some not so good days. My question is really about healing and whether things reopen or just get irritated. I have had weeks where I have no pain, sensations or anything..I can pass large poo/ harder poo and no issues. Then at certain points in my cycle, The muscle starts to tighten up, I do a poo and there is a scratch but no blood. The pain then comes back for a few days then vanishes as quickly as it came. The skin tags don't dwell like they used to and the majority of the pain is in the upper left side but does feel scratchy on passing anything. I can't work out if it's a retear or some sort of hormone induced Levator ani???!! The weird thing is the stool can be hard at some points of the month and cause no pain but soft at other times and cause an issue...
Any ideas/ experiences???
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Re: Need some advice from you lot!

Postby Buttpalsteven » 28 Aug 2016, 15:51

Hi felix,

This is hard for us to comment on - I highly recommend seeing a colorectal specialist to determine what is going on with you. Your first question is whether tears heal and reopen or just get irritated. It could be either or. Some people get a fissure and completely heal.. and some time later endure an entirely new fissure. For many, their fissure doesn't heal at all or doesn't heal entirely causing irritation or tearing it further with each bowel movement. If you have a tear longer than a few weeks, it is generally referred to as a "chronic" fissure and treatment becomes more difficult (like me for example - I had to have LIS surgery done - lateral internal sphincterotomy to hopefully heal my fissure). Skin tags can be a related or separate issue. Since your pain is related to your cycle, I highly suggest you see a specialist to see what is going on.

Hope you have a healed bum soon!
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