Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

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Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

Postby sue30uk » 28 Dec 2013, 16:15

Well, for those of you who have been on here a while you will know my story. Thought I would update where I am at in the hope of giving others faith. So far I have had an operation on an abscess, botox, fissurotomy and botox, fistulotomy and botox, clean up of fissure, 2 MRI scans, biopsy........all to no avail!! You may think this would be depressing (and to an extent it is to be 3 years on and still not healed!). However I am determined to get an answer and be healed!! I realise that as I am female I will not be offered LIS, particularly as I have had some occasional leakage, therefore I have decided to question about advanced flap procedure. I will not give in to this and will not stop until I have my life back.
Positives include that I have got rid of the first fissure (even though it turned into a fistula for me to be rid of it!!), the fistula has healed completely and I am now free of some horrible symptoms, the abscess has gone and there has been no recurrence. I am left with just one fissure which my surgeon said was very nasty, but for 2 weeks after the operation I had no pain at all - another positive!! My biopsy was clear so there is healthy tissue, more good news although quite confusing for my CRS! This experience has made me stronger mentally, through counselling I have faced some issues which had been weighing me down and I hadn't realised, I have improved my IBS and stress levels.
If this message has helped just one person, it has been worth it. Although I am not healed I am living proof you can get through these operations. They are not as scary as you may think! Good luck to everyone who is trying to heal. 2014 will be our year and things WILL get better. It has to, 2013 has been a year which has helped some of my problems! I will update this as I go. Happy new year to all! :D
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Re: Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

Postby Deleted User 2950 » 28 Dec 2013, 18:15

That's the key sue30uk, never give up.

Bless you and all the very best for 2014.

It sure will help someone in here.

You may want to check in on Rachael 1984 in this
section as she sure could use some encouraging

Stay strong and continue to fight this and you will win right?

Thanks again for the update....
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Re: Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

Postby Rachael 1984 » 02 Jan 2014, 10:00

Hi Sue,
Your story is inspiring, you show that you can keep going and keep positive with these horrible bum problems.I have had 1 round of Botox, but i am still suffering from 2 Fissures that have reoccured. I have an appointment on 13th Jan with my CRS. I am in the UK, so i am dreading it if he offers me more Botox as i think it just acted as a band aid for me. I think i need surgery, but he wont do LIS because of IBS and the fact i am female... He has mentioned the flap procedure in a letter to my doctor. I am going in armed and asking which surgery i can have if i can't have the LIS. I just cant do this anymore, my mood is affected and i nearly split with my partner last year because i was so suicidal with the pain... i am coping a lot better than i was back in April when i had the Botox, but it just takes over my whole life.... i admire your strength, you have been through a lot!! And you are still positive..... i need to be more POSITIVE!!!

:Rock: :thankyou:
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Re: Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

Postby owmybum » 03 Jan 2014, 12:33

Yes sue..... Keep fighting!

Great to hear from you.... Ive been wondering how you were!

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Re: Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

Postby splinterboy2013 » 30 Jan 2014, 12:42

Good luck sue, Keep us Posted.
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Re: Never ever give up, perseverance is the key!!

Postby Alyssa » 16 Aug 2014, 23:16

"It is tough going, I'm just gritting my teeth and trying to get on with life until 19th August. My fissure started when I had an abscess in another place close by (!), caused straining for the toilet once and that was it. My original fissure has gone ( it turned into a fistula which they operated on). It's almost 100% better, just a few niggles from that area every now and the but nothing really. I then got another by my coccyx which I've had for almost 2 and a half years, a nasty one which is deep and proving hard to get rid of. I get other small ones but they clear up in a few days and I don't often get bothered by those, it's the deep monster one which hurts!!!! I'm glad you're feeling confident and wish you all the luck in the world for your surgery. I may pm you in the future, will see what they say on 19th August, and if I'm not happy then, then I will try Mr W :) xxx"

I just wanted to wish you good luck with your upcoming appointment next week...
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