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New girl on the block

Postby Bumblues » 25 Jan 2016, 12:39

Hi everyone. I have been reading this board for years now, and finally have a question that I can't find a direct answer to, so I thought I would join and ask it!

I got my first fissure 10 years ago. It was bad, I didn't go to the doctor for almost a year and I refused surgery. Three years after I got it, it magically disappeared and I have no clue how. It never came back until 3 years ago. I had a baby via c section, got extremely dehydrated from breast feeding and extremely constipated from pain killers and bam! fissure is back. I had a new born and zero time to take care of myself, so I didnt. I ignored it for almost a year, then my OB referred me to a CRS. I got on nifedipine and it would come and go but was 'gone' 6 months later.

Fast forward to now and I've struggled with minor tears ever since the big one post c section healed. They aren't always in the same spot, they usually go away quickly with nifidipine and they actually don't cause me too much pain (knock on wood!) most days. I'm just over it though. I take Colace and magnesium, drink a gallon of water daily, eat no refined or white carbs and that helps most of the time. Then randomly out of no where I will tear. I'm never constipated when it happens now. I have also been struggling with pain during intercourse, tail bone pain, and vague pelvic pain ever since my daughter was born. My CRS just wants to do LIS, but I'm not sold on that. I can't believe cutting a muscle is the only answer. If it were some other muscle, like a calf muscle, there are tons of options. I just can't believe that cutting it is the only choice.

So I started researching and found pelvic floor therapy and I have almost every one of the symptoms of pelvic floor dusfunction. I am talking to my GP friday to see if she will refer me to one in my area. My CRS thinks it's BS, but he is a surgeon and seems to just want to cut.

So my question: has anyone had sucess with pelvic floor therapy? What did that therapy entail?

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Re: New girl on the block

Postby Savaici » 23 Feb 2016, 07:56

Hope you had some success with this, after speaking to your GP.
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