New here, need some advice on my fissure

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New here, need some advice on my fissure

Postby lobsterroll » 04 Aug 2020, 01:19


I'm new here but been lurking around for a while now.

I was wondering if I can get your opinion.


I've been experiencing pain during bowel movements for a long time now but its never that severe enough for me to seek medical attention. It always feels like a sharp pain for a short while and then everything is fine.

After a BM that, I would clean my butt with toilet paper and then using a spray nozzle to clean it proper.

I noticed that almost everytime after a BM, even after the massive cleaning, I'd always feel like my skin is burning around the anus and it feels like it wasn't cleaned properly, hence causing skin irritation. This feeling usually happens within 30 minutes to 1-2 hour after a BM. And during those times, I would go back to the bathroom and when I wipe down again with toilet paper, I sometimes see streaks of stool or sometimes just light yellow streak. At times, I see nothing.

Once properly cleaned again and I usually no longer feel the skin irritation (burning pain) although there's always this dull feeling that its still not properly cleaned.

But this has caused a lot of lifestyle issues for me because on days when I have to leave home right after a BM, I always expect to feel this pain until I can get to my next destination and clean. This also caused me to wash excessively on my butt after each BM.

Fast forward to more recently, I noticed that when I wipe my butt after a BM, I would sometimes find streaks of bright red blood. Fearing that it might be something serious (after all the googling), I went to my General Practitioner (GP) and he did a digital exam and found no signs of hemorrhoids. Even after I told him about the issue I had with the post-BM burning and some stool, he couldn't give me an answer as to why. He just prescribed me some suppository and moved on.

Things got a little better, I stopped noticing bleeding but the usual habits of Post-BM cleaning still happens.

Again fast forward a few months after that, I had an incident where I see a lot of bright red blood on my toilet paper after wiping. I went to a different GP this time and he did another exam but this time with some scope that he used to look through my anus.

He said there isn't any hemorrhoid and while there's what would appear to be a small internal hemorrhoid, it shouldn't cause any issue with the bleeding. He asked me about my BM, family history etc and ruled out any more nefarious causes. He did say that it could be a fissure/tear and prescribed me some Diosmin Mixed flavoids.

After a week of that, bleeding seems to have stopped and I haven't had any bleeding since but after reading what's on here and increasing my fiber intake, the pain appears to be much duller.

While this is good, I still experience times when post BM and post water cleaning, I still find myself having brown streaks (smells like stool) when feeling the burning pain and going to the washroom. And sometimes a lightly yellow streak (is this pus?)

My question is, is this consistent with the symptoms of Anal Fissure?
I've been reading into Anal Fistula and I am worried that I have that. I don't have any chills, fever or a constant discharge of blood/mucus. The very lightly yellow streak worries me as I'm not sure if that qualifies as pus.

I do have an active bowel though where I'd fart a lot after a meal.

Can someone advise me? And have you guys experienced something like this?
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Re: New here, need some advice on my fissure

Postby Vishal » 03 Feb 2021, 22:18

Excessive cleaning can irritate at the back there. I also has leakage awhile after I had my fissure. It just went away after the pain went away. And that took about 6 years. I too was afraid that it was a fistula but like you I didn’t have fever etc. I noticed the leakage was bad when I was constipated so you have to be cautious that you are not straining too much . The bioflavonoids supplements should help too. Try applying coconut oil topically and see if you noticed any improvements.
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