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Postby helpme41 » 01 Feb 2016, 22:23

I've been aware of this forum a bit but decided to get an account. Since early September of 2015 I've been battling fissures. At one point I did get rid of them for about 2 and a half weeks but then it seems as if they came back again. My body seems to have this bad habit of being unpredictable after about a week and a half and I end up getting this movement that is rougher than normal.

I have been taking sodium docusate aka Colace for over a month, just one pill a day. I was told that it was really mild enough to take it everyday if I wanted without issue but I found sometimes it got a bit too 'effective', however now it seems that even though I still take it everyday I am getting issues with maintaining a good movement.

I am having a really hard time though this time around, with this one which I seemed to have gotten before Christmas. I tried lots of different things, like cold turkey, and anusol plus (which helped before). But even though it seems like I am doing everything right and my movements are soft and what not I sometimes end up bleeding anyway. I feel like I am doing everything right and I still end up at square one regardless, having to start all over again with this issue to the point that I'm really starting to get badly depressed over this. I don't relish going through another week of this nonsense let alone another day.

So I'm starting to really get at my wits end here with this, sitz bath help but how can I heal this thing if I keep bleeding with pain even though I am having soft bowel movements? I feel like I'm going crazy.. :cry:

I'm going to be seeing my doctor soon but I don't know- I did see this product called Emulsion Gel that seems impressive but I don't know if anyone has ever heard of it before or what have you I can't find anything on it in terms of reviews. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to tell me! Especially if you have any experience using emulsion gel @[email protected]
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Re: New here

Postby felix » 18 Feb 2016, 17:01

Hi, I am so sorry that you are having a rubbish time of this at the moment. I found that when my fissure was in the early stages, it was painful all the time and it didn't matter what I did for a bit but then it did start to improve, slowly but surely so keep up the sitz baths and maybe take a stool softener like Movicol/Miralax or magnesium. Drink lots of water and try to support yourself emotionally as the stress of an AF can be really hard to manage. I was and still am to some degree, a complete anxious wreck!
As regards the emulsion gel, the main ingredient, Nifedepine is one of the drugs used to help heal fissures and it works by relaxing the internal anal sphincter so hopefully stopping the spasms and helping the fissure to heal. You can get these creams from a CRS and it may be better to go down that road so that you can get properly assessed as well.
I hope you feel better soon....
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