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Postby Paininthebutt2018 » 11 Nov 2018, 09:15

I've had a fissure since August. Thought it was hemorrhoids. 3 dr visits 1 colonoscopy later we know what it is and is now chronic. Saw CRS last week scheduled fissurectomy 11/16/18. Have healed quite a bit and will probably heal more before surgery. It's still active but more of a discomfort than pain now. I guess I'm scared to go from uncomfortable to hell again. I know from your posts and research chronic won't heal but has anyone got almost healed before surgery and changed their mind or did you have it done anyway? This has put my life and job on hold. I want to get on the other side of this so I can get back to work. I'm afraid to postpone just to repeat this in a month or so.
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Postby Talesofmytail » 16 Nov 2018, 19:09

Hi Pain,
From what I've read, the fissure won't heal on its own once it's chronic and if you don't have the surgery, you'll likely experience intermittent fissure pain. Having said that, I'm in no way trained to give medical advice and if I were you, I'd call your CRS and discuss your questions/concerns. Hope all goes well for you and keep up posted.
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