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New here w/ questions!

Postby concernedAF » 30 Sep 2016, 20:45

Hi everyone. I came across this forum searching the internet for advice on post-anal fissure life. Here's my deal: For starters, I'm a young gay guy and this year I became truly sexually active. Basically this means I started having anal sex for the first time & embracing my sexuality. Anyway, about a month ago, on a Saturday, I had sex with a guy (receiving). We used a condom and lube, but the sex was a little rough. I was experiencing *slight* discomfort the entire time but didn't think much of it. A couple of days later I felt a small itch in my rectal area, as if it was tender, but honestly this has happened before and is by no means painful or irritating so I figured it'd go away. Problem is- I was constipated that week. I believe this exacerbated the issue and I ended up getting an anal fissure. By the next Saturday, I was in a lot of pain-- could barely sit directly on my butt, painful BMs, etc. So that night I began googling what it could be. I came across anal fissures and my symptoms seemed to line up very closely to a fissure so that's how I began treating it. That Saturday night I soaked in a warm bath and took some ibuprofen. The next day I got a stool softener, flushable wipes, and continued to soak in the tub now with coconut oil, which I was also applying to the rectal area. It was a labor day weekend so I had to wait until Tues. to go to the doctor. My doctor looked at it and said it appeared I was just irritated down there. He gave me some creams to use. Jump to now- after a couple of weeks of painful BMs, then a rectal area that actually WAS irritated (rubbed raw I believe from the moisture of creams/oil and inability to heal in FL heat + walking around a campus all day). FINALLY all this cleared up last week. I'm almost completely healed now I believe. I've tested the area with my finger a couple of times the past 2 days and it's still a little sensitive. My main issue at this point is this: I enjoy anal sex, and I enjoy bottoming, and I want to be able to do that but I'm going to be enormously paranoid the first time I engage in anal sex after this incident. My question is two-fold: what's the advice for anal sex after a fissure that appears to be acute (& may not have even been a fissure at all, another worry is I don't even know exactly what this was. Should I have a doctor check it out & see what it was/what it's going to be going forward?)? And once I'm fully healed and seem ready to have sex again, how to I get over my paranoia? I'm so terrified this will just happen again & really don't want to go thru the pain a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time.
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Re: New here w/ questions!

Postby Sufferingbadly » 01 Oct 2016, 23:34

Hello CAF,
From all of the information I've read over the past year and a half from suffering from fissures myself, the advice I'd give you is, if you plan on have anal sex and you don't want to re-tear, maybe try self Dilation.
I know some people are sensitive to coconut oils so that could have been why you got irritated in that area. Coconut oil works good for me but not everyone.
Anyway, since you just started having anal sex, you may just be very tight in there, and the fact that you had been constipated at that time too, I'm sure that's what made your situation worse.
Hopefully it doesn't happen again. Good luck and I hope my advice helps!
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