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New member advise

Postby Loobieburt » 24 Nov 2013, 04:04

Hi all

About a yer ago I started getting pain with BM
It bled randomly and then the stopped again.

I went to the doctors who didn't examine me but gave me some cream. Not sure what it was but after a few weeks nothing changed.

I carried on and after a couple of BM where the toilet water turned red I returned to the doctors.

This doctor said he could not see anything but didn't do an internal examination but said try this cream and come back.

No change but when I look I can see the tears around the anus. Why could he?? They are definitely bleeding as I can blot them with a tissue.

Went back again and this time they refferred me. After waiting months on Nhs went private.

Beneden, a have been there 3 times now. They gave me so e cream that relaxes the Anus to help the fissure heal but it stings more than the fissure does when I apply it. Been booked on for a op 5th December but would love to rectify before if possible? Anyone have anything I can try. I started using Vaseline before BM and this seemed to help at least it does not bleed as much but this morning again a few spots when blotting the fissure area.

When not bleeding it itches so much looks like I've got worms but the relief when itching is immense but then again the bleeding starts again.

Just read about using bees honey, anyone ever tried it for healing?

Any other ideas?

Many thanks
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Re: New member advise

Postby JHH » 24 Nov 2013, 11:46

Hello there, and welcome!

First you need a stool softener, if you are not already on it. Miralax/moviolas works well for most. Having soft stools and staying clear of the dreaded retears, is the most important thing.
Vaseline before BM is a great idea, and I use it myself. Continue with that.
Sitzbaths are also great for fighting a fissure.
If you are using nitro, but can't tolerate it, there are other options like diltiazem. Let us know the name of your ointment, and we can help.
So, please come back with some more info, and we will guide you :-)
- Fissure developed in Jan '13
- Started rectogesic in Feb '13 and diltiazem Apr '13.
- Got botox Jun '13
- Healed by Okt '13, although I still had some irritation for about a year.
- Now Feb '16, all is good. Still take magnesia, and squat precautionary.
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Re: New member advise

Postby Now66 » 25 Nov 2013, 18:17

Miralax/Movicol seems necessary for me as a stool softener but not enough. I believe the stools should be the consistency of toothpaste for anal fissure healing and no re-tears. Not runny and not grunting hard. The proper fiber mix and lots of water work well for me. In my case I use a tablespoon full of ground flax seed on oatmeal/cereal in the morning and 3 teaspoons of Metamucil through the day. Then I insure that I drink a full 8 glasses of water through the day. Again, everyone has to find the right mx that works for them.

I used a daily 2% nitro/Vasoline cream when first treating my fissure. It took about 3-months for the BM fear to go away. Be patient but the pain gradually eases.
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Re: New member advise

Postby Bettyblue » 02 Dec 2013, 13:36

Miralax or another laxative will be very important in your recovery and also sitz baths with warm water one of twice a day at least for 20 minutes. This two things helped me a lot with my healing. Good diet and lots of water is essential too. If you have pain and discomfort some times applying a bag with hot water in your butt will help. Good look with your recovery.
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