NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

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Re: NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

Postby Fissulyna » 24 Apr 2008, 22:48

Heeeeeeeeey , Dano -boy !!! Long time no see !!! Now - is this one "the real one" (fish) or you demolished somebody's deco again Image . Anyway - nice to see you here ! I hope that you are doing fantastic Image.
Did you have your tags removed ???
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Re: NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

Postby dano » 26 Apr 2008, 20:50

no this ones an older picture,its from the bedroom! you never know what one is real,i may surprise ya! i didnt have skin tags,i did have the fistulotomy,its been like almost 5 months.all is well down there,fissure been gone since like last july,im still careful and take metamucil everyday,its like a habit now,i try to educate people about them when they ask"hey,your ass still messed up?" i tell them to eat fiber and start metamucil or something,i tell them you dont need this in your life i can assure you! i think they think im joking though....
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Re: NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

Postby Deleted User 5 » 27 Apr 2008, 06:02

Dano, that fish must be reeking by now!! Image
Deleted User 5

Re: NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

Postby chiaseed » 15 Mar 2017, 12:19

um honestly what does this mean?? can someone translate from med speak?
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Re: NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

Postby suzyljank » 16 Mar 2017, 07:59

When you have surgery in the US antibiotics are often administered in your IV.
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Re: NEW method of treating fissures !!!!

Postby Mike_in_the_ATL » 22 Dec 2018, 18:10

Hello everyone. I have been coming to this forum for around 2 years (suffering with a fissure for around 3 years). I just had this surgery (subcutaneous fissureotomy with skin tag removal) on 12/19/18 with Dr. Armstrong in the Lawrenceville, Georgia (USA) area. Figured I would share my feedback and experience in case anyone is considering this.


My fissure came into my life around 3 years ago. I have seen a GI doctor, a hemorrhoid specialist, tried creams (nitroglycerin), and have vacillated between remission and flare of the fissure since then. I have avoided the LIS surgery. Quite frankly, I could not get comfortable with the risk (albeit small) of permanent incontinence, so I just kept the status quo of trying to maintain a fissure in a state of remission.

The things that helped the most were taking Miralax every day (cap full). The Miralax seemed to keep the stools soft enough to pass without tearing and bleeding. The wired thing, even when I managed to get the fissure in a state of remission, I would still battle rashes and skin breakdown in my "downstairs" area. Seemed like a constant battle.

Having met my deductible this year, and mustering up courage, I went to see Dr. Armstrong. At my initial consult, he handed me a paper on the procedure and explained that he basically removes the scar tissue and skin tag that prevents the opening of your butt from reaching its full open position. It made sense to me as I felt like i could not pass anything larger that the diameter of a quarter coin without bleeding. Also, the procedure does not divide the muscle, so the risk of incontinence is lowered. It all made good sense to me, so I signed up and went in on the 19th of December.

The Surgery:

I had to report to hospital at 6:00 AM and was out of there by 10:30 AM. I honestly can say the surgery was not bad at all and I was pain-free the first day.

Day 2 has been the worst so far. "The worst" is relative as it was not awful. I have not had to take any of my prescription pain meds yet. Just managed with OTC Tylenol and lots of sitz baths. Oh, and get one of those doughnut cushions to sit on. Trust me - they are a must! Most of the pain is after a BM. You get the typical spasms (like with a fissure), but the bath really helps.

Day 3 is better than Day 2 and again, lots of sitz baths, Tylenol, and binge watching shows sitting on a doughnut cushion.

Day 4 (today) same spasms after a BM, but otherwise, better than Day 3.


Ok, maybe this may be TMI, but I suspect TMI is appropriate in this forum. The first thing I noticed is how much BIGGER my poops were. I almost had to get my camera - ha! I can tell the opening of my butt is larger and doesn't fee like it has problems passing a larger stool. Before the surgery, I suspect that the scar tissue was not allowing anything large to pass and if it was large - tear and bleeding....

Another note, the quantity that I was going to the bathroom seem significantly more that prior to the surgery. It almost feels like I was chronically backed up previously and could not fully and efficiently empty my colon. Don't know if this is tied into this or not, but I have had a chronic rash and irritation in that area which has significantly subsided post-surgery. Could possible chronic "backup" of not fully emptying my colon been the cause of the chronic rash and inflammation? All I know is that everything is significantly better and I am very happy that I did the surgery so far.

I will keep you posted on my progression....Thanks all!
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