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New to AF

Postby rrin » 19 Oct 2016, 03:40

hope everyone is well... so this is my painful experience with AF! it all started 4 weeks ago when i had severe constipation and tried to force it out (huge mistake!). but it was not very painful initially till the next week where i was constipated again and had another similar event, however this time the pain was so intense, had to get admitted to the EDU where i was put on painkillers! Each BM after that has been agonising and sometimes it gets worse after 2 hours!
I consulted a gastroenterologist who adviced me to get a colonoscopy done which was the wort experience i've faced due to the prep. Anyways he found 3 hemmorhoids and ligated them and put me on BETAPYN and DILTIGESIC. i have also been on fybogel and duphalac to soften the stool, but this hasn't helped much. Every BM is painful of about 9/10!!
The gastroenterologist doesn't seem to be following up on the matter and hasn't communicated to me since the colonoscopy.
Now i'm considering seeing another surgeon for a second opinion and find out if LIS is needed... From the stories i've read, alot of people recommend LIS rather than the treatment by creams and all... But i don't know whether to get the LIS at this early stage or continue with the treatment he has prescribed... HELP ANYONE?!!
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Re: New to AF

Postby Mypoorbutt » 19 Oct 2016, 04:34

Hi rrin,
Sorry your in this position. I know what you mean my pain escalates fro. About an hour after a BM and can last for 8/10 hours at it's worst. The cream does help me sometimes but only if I have a "friendly" BM.
I would contact a CRS as they would probably have more experience of fissures. I think whether you are offered LIS very much depends on your country, gender and age and how long you have had the fissure as it isn't classed as chronic until 8/12 weeks.
There are lots of steps to try but if they don't work then even if the doctors don't really want to give you LIS you can insist as no one should have to live in the horrendous pain that spasm cause.
Good luck
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