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New to Group UC ---> AF

Postby Iceberg » 12 Mar 2017, 21:14

Hi all,

Since having my beautiful gastroenterologist confirming my pain as an AF, I've been finding solace in reading about how people deal with the pain, while I cry on the can. So I thought I'd join the group to add to the convo. My loving husband calls the AF; angel fishes, he thinks it's cute... I just want to claw his eyes out.

I'm a 26 yr old MPH student, struggling to finish my last semester... which was delayed after my UC symptoms caused a health crash. But my body is fighting me from being a certified edumacated health professional.

My AF started 3 weeks ago from 6 months of chronic diarrhea from recent UC symptoms. I am on my second round of drugs, currently 1.5 months into 4.8 mg of Mezavant. I'm hoping the meds aren't causal, as I was despising the side effects of Entocort. After a round about from the power hungry gate keepers aka my doctors receptionist (who asked me why I hadn't gone to the ER cause the GI doc was booked solid till July *insert eye roll and a sarcastic response here*) my doc gave me anoheal diltiazem cream, which I started yesterday.

Now I'm finally having more solid BMs which is a blessing, but an AF curse. I've been on a restrictive (self directed) diet of no dairy, caffeine, processed sugar, (high) fibre. And I'm wondering, to all you IBD/UC/Chrohn's sufferers, if you were me (I'm just reaching mucusal healing/remission)... would you reintroduce high fiber/coffee to help soften my BMs or just reach straight for the stool softeners as to not risk a step backwards in healing?

Secondly, at the risk of causing inflammation, which pain killers do you reach for? I am prescribed T3s as well as tremadol but hate taking mind altering pills.

ANYWAYS!! This has been severely therapeutic, and I appreciate you reading my novel. Hopefully you laughed in spite of my pain, it is fantastic knowing we cringe together.

*Cheers* :thankyou:
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Re: New to Group UC ---> AF

Postby Mypoorbutt » 13 Mar 2017, 04:08

Hi Hun
I have crohns and IBS and have had years of diarrhoea which eventually caused my AF hell.
I was on mezavant but my liver didn't like it lol.
To answer your question since my AF started I have decided to accept I will never eat dairy or caffeine again at least in their most basic forms. My CRS says that diarrhoea is always worse than a formed BM as it is very acidic especially for IBD sufferers. I have personally found that a formed BM of a Bristol 3 is my new best friend. No pain from those since I had my LIS. If I get a flare and go more than twice then my spasms return after runny BMs.
I take psyllium to help me as it absorbs water without any laxative effect.
I have found a nice receptionist who after I broke down in tears in front of her goes out of her way to help lol.
Have you been offered Botox yet. I'm sure the creams will help you heal but I would try to aim for a more formed BM as the less firm ones leave more residue in the fissure itself
Really good luck and I try to see it as our bodies are just more sensitive and make us stronger in the long run
I take gabapentin for the pain as it is a nerve blocker and doesn't have for me at least any mind numbing effect
Angel fishes....more like jaws with PMT lol
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