New year rant

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Re: New year rant

Postby hurtinend » 22 Jan 2020, 17:55


you are a wonderful soul

I gave up on this board but I will always remember you and same to you @SueMac @dmcff @chachacha

I pray for your healing

I have given up and have started on a journey that may be irreversible.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers

Your friend
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Re: New year rant

Postby SueMac » 23 Jan 2020, 09:39

Hurtinend i thank you for your kind words but I am saddened to hear you are at such a low ebb and have not yet seen improvement in your health. Your words are quite distressing to hear and I urge you as others have before to seek professional help - there is always hope and I am sure it can be found for you. I still find this forum a positive and comforting place to go.
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Re: New year rant

Postby patience_and_healing » 28 Jan 2020, 21:27

I second what SueMac suggested. Hopefully hurtinend will see these messages and get help.
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