Newbie just had Botox

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Newbie just had Botox

Postby Apes » 10 May 2014, 10:45

Coming up on my third month of the fissure. Happened after a colonoscopy, was misdiagnosed for the first 2-3 weeks. Tried nitro cream and then nifedipine with no success. Had Botox injection 5 days ago, three shots in all 30 units on each side and 16 units directly in fissure. My pain level has changed. 95 percent of the time I have all my BM in the morning. Before Botox the pain of the BM was moderate then 20 minutes later I was incapacitated for up to 8 hours. The burning painfully spasm from tailbone to testicle. After Botox the BM is very painful and burns immediately after but after a bath the pain subsides. I have an external hemmy that is irritating the process.
My problem is that in the morning the last few days is that I'm having 3 BM within a three hour time frame. The BM ARE SOFT but I don't feel like I'm emptying out and feel a constant pressure. In the afternoons I'm much better and can have a normal life.
My diet is as follows
Whole wheat toast and avacado with water breakfast
Melon, cereal lunch
Rice and beans, asparagus, kale with fruit smoothly with Metamucil dinner
Drinking plenty of water, and more melon.
Pretty much my standards
I did start taking senekot at night and magnesium
Should I continue the senekot, which is a laxative or take a stool softener?
Also, is benefiber better the Metamucil?
Before Botox I was having fuller less often BM. I was taking Metamucil at the time but not senekot. I'm a little afraid to stop senekot, lord knows I don't want a bulky stool that doesn't want to come out.
I'm i having too much fiber?
Any thoughts would be appreciated and questions that I might be able to help with.
Fissure 2/13/14 from Colonoscopy
Nitro no help
Nifedipine no help
Botox 5/5/2014 work in progress
HEALED 10/2014
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Re: Newbie just had Botox

Postby JHH » 17 May 2014, 00:34

It's really hard to give diet advice. What works for one works totally different in another. I spend a long time working out my diet, to produce one soft Bristol 6 BM daily, but it was worth the effort.

However, I think you should try to replace metamucil with movicol/miralax. Metamucil bulks the stool in most people, and unless, your having diarrhea, that's not what you want.

IMHO, the first goto supplement for everybody getting a fissure, is movicol!
- Fissure developed in Jan '13
- Started rectogesic in Feb '13 and diltiazem Apr '13.
- Got botox Jun '13
- Healed by Okt '13, although I still had some irritation for about a year.
- Now Feb '16, all is good. Still take magnesia, and squat precautionary.
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