Nightmare! how to get out of it?

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Nightmare! how to get out of it?

Postby Cest » 22 Dec 2017, 00:09

Hi everyone i am from India. In November i went to my grand parents house to attend few weddings and it was cold weather and got flu and i have IBS so things gotten worse it started with vomiting then fever and at end of fever diarrhea. I have taken medicine for fever but not for diarrhea i thought i'll see if it get worse than will take medicine but it was improved so ignored it. when i cam back after 10 days i have itching and little pain during BM otherwise i was fine. After a week it started paining a lot it was unbearable and there was few streaks of blood with BM and seeing that haven't gone next day it only made things worse.I thought its hemorrhoids so started searching all over the net and there i saw article about AF and compared symptoms it is AF haven't gone to doctor first i am scared and some money issues.

*I have read everywhere to keep BM soft so started taking Cremalax laxative it was suggested by my gastroenterologist during IBS.
*pain medcine is must without that i couldn't prepare myself for BM i have taken warm bath (sitz bath) with coconut oil and applied lignocaine gel before BM so that area can numb so it pain less.
*Applied vaseline before BM so i won't hurt myself more.
*Eating less food but high fibers

Tried olive oil, coconut oil, vaseline, chaffing balm, warm water bath but nothings working and I am scared i don't know what to do reading everyone stories it is giving how and scarring too. recently got Ayurvedic ointment it is for hemorrhoids and fissure but 3 days no relieve and there's swelling outside and inside. the hole is getting small day by day I think i cant go to specialist till next month and I am preparing for exam so i have to sit 10-12 hours everyday.

If anyone has similar symptoms and more suggestion please do give.
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Re: Nightmare! how to get out of it?

Postby Hopefull123 » 22 Dec 2017, 12:00

Hi Cest, I am so sorry to hear you are in such a pain. When you go to the doctor, ask them to prescribe ointment for sphincter muscle relaxation. Nitroglycerin will give you headaches in the beginning, but they go away. Other ointments are calcium channel Delete repeated word, which don't give you headaches but they still lower your blood pressure and you may feel a little dizzy. However, the ONLY thing that helped me is diet. Foods like dairy, grains, nuts and sugar harden my stool and no matter how much softener I take, they are still slightly harder, which is considered normal, but for us it stretches the anal canal too much to cause reopening of the fissures. You have to test your diet, experiment, keep diary and see what foods give you the best stool consistency and size. Then if you have to eat the same thing for 6 weeks, do it. Otherwise it will keep reopening. Stay away from spicy food and acidic food. Too much fiber will bulk your stool and it may cause the opposite effect. So, don't eat too much of it. Keep lower carbs and normal fiber intake. Drink water, but not excessive amounts either because you can loose electrolytes and your stool may become too watery which will not help the fissure. Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning, so the following day, the first part of your stool wont be hard. Don't chug it though, sip it slowly, so it can get to the lower GI tract, otherwise it will be processed through the kidneys too fast and you will pee it shortly after. I hope that helps.
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