now ulcerated hemorrhoids

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now ulcerated hemorrhoids

Postby jlm1 » 17 Jul 2014, 14:24


This nightmare began 7 weeks ago and first I went to see a Gastro who did a painful rectal exam and said I had a fissure. He gave me nitro cream and said to take tylenol, sitz baths, etc. I saw him one more time and spoke to him on the phone twice, begging for pain relief. He only said to use motrin, sitz baths. He said it would heal in a few weeks. I thought I was slowly getting better but sadly, this is not the case. It started out with knife like pains and glass feeling in my behind. Terrible pain after a BM. Sometimes for hours after.
This past Monday, I finally saw a CRS. She took a look and did not see a fissure!! I was actually disappointed because I feel like I am losing my mind. She did see ulcerated hemorrhoids. She prescribed a compound cream: dilt, hydro and Lido. Plus a lidocaine cream for pain. Told me to continue with sitz baths, motrin. Said I need to give this at least 1 week and 2 would be better. I feel like I have suffered so much with this already. I think it is getting better....but it is so slow. I do know that the pain has changed. Now I feel like there are thing inside, like swimming around. It' s definitely a different pain than before. No more spasms really. Just pain and swelling inside. I think maybe the fissure healed and now the internal hemorrhoids are acting up? The doctor said this was the best method of treatment. I do wonder though if surgery would be better? Not that I really want that. But I have had it with the pain. I just want to feel normal again. This is so debilitating.
Thanks for reading this. I'd love to hear of anyone has had similar experiences! Hope you are all hanging in there. There must be an end to this for us all!!
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Re: now ulcerated hemorrhoids

Postby Ever the Optimist » 19 Jul 2014, 11:28

Hi Jlm,
I have similar issues! especially right now as I'm going through some very stressful life changes.
I had a diagnosed fissure, which could never be seen externally. It healed but I have been left with a mass of scar tissue in that area and a couple of bothersome internal hems (again nothing visible).
The initial symptoms you describe sound very much like a fissure and yes, it's possible, it healed quickly - some do but it's also possible, depending on the examination whether it could have actually been seen. Mine could not be detected until I had an Examination Under Anaesthetic and a thorough examination took place, so something to bear in mind.
The pain and swelling, sensations of "something" swimming around or moving are undoubtedly related to those hems and whilst inflamed and swollen, they will be sore and painful and uncomfortable - Mine are playing up big time right now and it's not a nice thing to have to deal with. I do sympathise. For me personally, a cold showerhead to the area, ice packs and coconut oil help to bring relief but I too really want to be rid of it all at some point! At the moment, I can't contemplate surgery or any form of intervention but there are other methods of treating them (Banding/ Sclerotherapy) which you could look into? Hopefully, the Lidocaine is bringing you some relief?
I would consider a second opinion or going back for another chat regarding the fissure issue if you are continuing to suffer the fissure-like symptoms still (the very painful glass & knife like pain) but if it is just the hems you have to deal with, you will need to look at some long-term dietary changes to manage them. I found "squatting" to be really helpful when expelling stools, along with no straining or sitting on the toilet for too long & also a gentle clean-up with baby wipes and a showerhead far better. It goes without saying adequate fibre, lots of water, a stool softener and gentle exercise too!.....I suffer when stress is at its peak, which in turn causes me troubles with my IBS, so it's really important for me to remain as mentally calm as possible.
They are horrid irritating things to deal with especially when inflamed and ulcerated but they do get better with time and with the right techniques are largely manageable. My problem is mine can be irritated pretty easily these days, so I'm not ruling out further treatment for them at some point in the future, just like you!
I hope things are feeling better right now & you figure out what you need to do......All the very best to you :)
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