Pain 24/7, did anyone experience it?

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Pain 24/7, did anyone experience it?

Postby Lior55 » 26 Aug 2017, 09:18

For the past week I've been in pain all day and night. I take tons of pain killers and Valium at night so I can sleep a few hours.
Nothing seems to be helping with pain.
Hot showers (with shower head on my bum) seemed to help but as time goes by it gives less and less relief.
After BM it's the worst but it's only slightly less painful the rest of the day.
How do you manage so much pain? I'm home all day, can't go anywhere.
I am dealing with this fissure for about a week and a half. I scheduled my LIS for Friday. I didn't want to go the surgery rout so quickly but with so much pain and since nothing I tried has helped I don't think I have any choice.
Now I just need to manage the pain somehow till Friday :(
Any advice?
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Re: Pain 24/7, did anyone experience it?

Postby dmcff » 26 Aug 2017, 11:00

Hi, sorry to hear you've been in pain for the past week and a half - unfortunately pain is part of AF, and it can be quite disabling, especially in the early phases. Painkillers and Valium are unlikely to have a lasting effect: if the pain persists, you need to get a doctor to prescribe an anti-convulsant like gabapentin or pregabalin, medications that several posters here (I'm one of them) have found helpful. On the other hand, you say that you are having the LIS procedure on Friday, only a few days from now. LIS may reduce the pain, and I hope it does. However, if the problem is still there after Friday, a medication that works as a nerve pain blocker like the ones I mentioned may be your best bet.
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