Pain after LIS - What to expect

Should I expect to be spasm free post-surgery?

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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Pain after LIS - What to expect

Postby Danrude8 » 21 Mar 2016, 14:38


New to the forum. Thank you all for posting such helpful information. Without this forum I would be lost.

I've had a fissure for over a year now. Long story short, I had LIS 7 days ago. I've already tried topical and Botox treatments with no success. I was pretty confident that LIS would finally fix this. I did not experience much pain after surgery, but I am still having spasms after BMs that still last for many hours. I was under the impression that LIS would stop the spasms from occurring and give the fissure a chance to heal. Since I feel pretty much the same as I did before surgery, should I be concerned that LIS did not work? :gah:

Thanks for any help...
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Re: Pain after LIS - What to expect

Postby Benny Lee » 22 Mar 2016, 07:46

Hi DanRude8, I am new to this forum too, and am in the pipeline for LIS. My fissure has been on and off for three years. Others on here would probably have more informed advice. Perhaps the spasm is from the surgical incision itself and will disappear with healing? Your anal 'resting pressure' will be much less. Plus the fissure still exists, it just now will heal quicker, so perhaps there are still some fissure spasms left before relief! As for me, I just went today to the doc thinking I had piles, and that my fissure was healed, but No piles, and it's the fissure again. Both GTM and diltiazem cream sting like crazy now too! Have used too many topical creams I think. I've never had botox but the GP recommended it, even tho my colorectal surgeon estimated botox success as 60-85 per cent, and LIS as 98 (in terms of re-occurrence). Hence me bypassing botox for LIS. What was your experience of botox? Any decision related to the sphincter just makes me nervous and indecisive! Did they take good care of you at the hospital, and do you have a follow-up scheduled? Did they give u painkillers to take away, and good advice?
Benny Lee
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