Porridge/Oatmeal saved the day

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Porridge/Oatmeal saved the day

Postby Problemsbehindme » 28 Sep 2018, 03:44

Hi fellow sufferers,

I was diagnosed with a fissure in 2011, which was pretty bad, I had the sphincterotomy as well as major dietary change, and was totally fine after around 6 months. After so long with 0 issues, I got lazy, overconfident and went back to burgers and pizzas. Recently I had a reoccurance wake-up call and was able to get rid of it in about 2 months.

I just wanted to share what works for me to heal up in case in can help anyone else:

1. Super restricted diet and small portions: Porridge/Oatmeal and fruit. That's pretty much all I eat and usually only breakfast and lunch, drinking a glass of soy milk in the evening.

I make my own oatmeal with water or soy milk and I eat most fruits; dates are delicious and very high in fibre, prunes are very good, and I put berries or honey in my oatmeal so it doesn't get too boring. When BMs are getting better, I'll add a spoonful or two of smooth almond/peanut butter at meal times to add much needed protein and fat.

2. Drink insane amounts of water

Particularly after eating, I will make sure I am extremely hydrated and drink glasses of water continuously until I feel it's too much.

3. Walk a lot and after every meal, I keep walking until BM becomes necessary.

4. After BM, clean up thoroughly with very gentle dabbing only and then relax in a hot bath and have a rest lying down afterwards.

It's not always possible with the realities of work and family obviously but I try to stick as close to that as I can, particularly being extremely disciplined and eating only safe food.
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