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Post Fistula Surgery Questions

Postby Hemm44 » 27 Mar 2016, 12:24

In December 2015, I had a hemorrhoidectomy. I went for a 6 week post-op examination and was told that there were no "red flags" and was healing normally. I made an appointment for 8 weeks later and was told by the CRS that I could cancel it if I felt fine. I decided to keep it as I had developed skin tags and still had a yellow discharge.

During the exam, the CRS made the comment that he had found something "interesting". After getting dressed, he gave me the unfortunate news that I had developed a superficial fistula that would require surgery. He stated that he wouldn't know how complicated the surgery was until I was under knife. Fortunately, the surgery went fine and it ended up being superficial as he originally stated. I also had two skin tags removed as they were causing me discomfort.

It is now two week post-op and I am still seeing and feeling a yellow discharge. Should I be anxious this soon or is this normal at two weeks? I am seeing the CRS in 6 weeks for my post-op appointment but didn't know if I should send him an email to see if the the discharge is a sign that the healing is not going well or I have developed another fistual. Any input would be appreciated for those that have gone through this.
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Re: Post Fistula Surgery Questions

Postby Dewlilly » 27 Mar 2016, 12:47

Hi hemm44 .. Sorry to hear of your experience with all this .. It is normal to have discharge after surgery .. After my fistulotomy I had drainage for 4-5 weeks it will slowly stop with time .. My fistula track was 4 inches long so maybe my discharge lasted a lil longer but I would say yours in normal .. Hope healing continues on a good path for you .. This is a great place for knowledge.. Keep us updated :)
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