post fistulotomy horrible PAIN!!

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Re: post fistulotomy horrible PAIN!!

Postby Ever the Optimist » 04 Dec 2013, 16:36

Hi Fito,
I'm really sorry to come back and read that you had further complications. It happens, and no matter how hard you can try to reassure someone that most of the time, things get better, there is always some who face further challenges unfortunately in their healing process.
Rich has given you some great advice there and just try to rest and manage it all the best you can.....I'm wondering if a GP will prescribe you Valium to get you through your worst days - It's not something lightly prescribed but it can provide immense pain relief - it might be worth going back to discuss how bad you are feeling too and how to best help you deal with the stress it all brings. One day you will be so much better I promise and you won't feel as awful as you do right now.
No matter how physically horrible it all feels, just seek some help mentally if it's too overwhelming and if you are feeling stronger, you will be able to cope so much better.
I can't even begin to advise you of my coping strategies with pain because I was fortunate enough to have a very simple fistula compared to yours. I would say continue the Sitz baths for as long as you feel you need them & use a hot water bottle or heating pad too at this time because heat helps for sure in encouraging the all important blood flow in the healing process. I do feel that sadly, your case is one of the more extreme, but even these cases heal slowly over time, and at some point, you will be looking back on it all as a distant memory. You will get through this & I do wish you all the very best whilst trying to deal with it all.
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Re: post fistulotomy horrible PAIN!!

Postby Dewlilly » 14 Dec 2013, 15:52

fito ... just wanted to say that you have great strength to go through all what youhave and be able to tell your story ... I dont think i could of made it through half of what you have. I just had a fistulotmy and seton placed on dec 10 and i have to say i am doing pretty good and wont complain considerng what you have been through. I hope things get better for you and just wanted to say that i get the aniexty of all this .. i went off a deep end a few months ago and thankfully i found my way back. Sites like this are amazing and help with healing the soul as well as answering questions as there are not too many places to turn for this kind of stuff.

megga hug for you from Canada ... keep posting your updates and thanks for telling your story
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Re: post fistulotomy horrible PAIN!!

Postby HurtedLikeHell » 14 Oct 2017, 13:40

Hey there,

Although my experience with anal fistula was a bit different, the pain you describe matches perfectly what I felt like for months.

Eventually another hospital helped me and pain was immediatly away.

Though probably my story will not bring you the key to normal life again. It might give you some clues or at least someone to talk to who also experienced pain in a whole new meaning.

Be adviced, even if your pain might be gone by now, you will feel it's psychological effects and to heal from that might be a longer process although it might differ from person to person.

I will post my experiences somewhere tomorrow as I want it to be written in the right way and genuine.

I wish you much luck and power to sustain the torment.
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