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Post Fistulotomy Story so far

Postby Deleted User 6696 » 03 Dec 2017, 17:29

Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined the forum for some moral support in the recovery after my surgery.

Long story short, I’ve been going through this whole process since February 2016 when I developed a perianal abscess. My GP was next to useless and did nothing initially besides prescribe me antibiotics which I now know are useless for curing such a thing. Needless to say it drained itself and jump forward a few months I developed a fistula confirmed on an MRI in June 2016. They suspected IBD as I’d had other gastro symptoms but after months of waiting for and having other tests all came back clear (confirmed IBS) and I had my surgery finally on 21st November 2017.

The surgeon was going to lay open the whole fistula but he couldn’t due to risk of incontinence so put in a seton and lay open half of it. I was pretty much pain free the first few days, just uncomfortable. Then after a few toilet visits some mild pain. By day 6 the pain was increasing and I was a bit concerned so went to GP but they said it all looked OK and no sign of infection. However, on the evening of day 8, the seton came out during a toilet visit. Called to hospital but the colo rectal nurses said the surgeon told me not to be concerned and that from my description and pain it had liked tore it’s way through the rest of the fistula, hence the pain.

So I’m now day 12 and still having moderate discomfort which increases exponentially with standing up and movement. Feeling some throbbing in my left cheek, the side where the op was done, and also in the back of my leg so I will be seeing the GP again tomorrow. Hoping it’s not a sign of infection! Fingers crossed.

I’m getting there and trying to stay positive about it all. I’m due to return to work on Wednesday, I’m a teaching assistant at a special school working with kids with SEN. Feeling anxious about going back as the job is very active and I don’t want to undo any healing. How long have people been off with similar surgery and how did it go getting back into work. I feel ready mentally, getting a bit bored at home now, but just worried about the physical side of things. My GP did say last week they would extent the fit note if needed or could put that I need amended duties.

Thanks for reading

Deleted User 6696

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