Bloated & Constipated 8 months post skin tag removal

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Bloated & Constipated 8 months post skin tag removal

Postby Bummed-In-Oregon » 02 Jun 2014, 02:44

I saw a post by igrik1986 on another board but can't find her/him here. Her/his problem may be similar to mine. I'd like to read her/his posts but don't know where to find them. I do a search and the username comes up but don't see the posts or a profile to send direct message.

I had internal hemmerhoids banded without much trouble. But when he cut up my skin tag like a barbarian, I had major problems. The pain was out of control. I've been incredibly bloated 8+ months now. Apparently I am constipated but I didn't even realize it. I look like I am pregnant, I am tired and sluggish all the time. I try to work out but it's not easy. I drink plenty of water and take fiber. When I drink water I feel like I will burst. I eat a tiny bit and I bloat like I ate a cow. Gluten Free & Dairy Free diets did not work.

I tried tons of medications; Amitza, Linzess, Hyoscyamine, Dicyclamine, Reglan, Xifaxin, etc...either they didn't work or I couldn't get past the side effects. I've taken probiotics, digestive enzymes, and more without results. I've tried laxatives, enemas, milk of magnesia etc...nothing helps enough and I can't take these things forever.

I've been told I don't have stenosis, but why then are my stools more narrow now? Their not pencil thin or anything, but their thinner than pre surgery.

I wish I never had the surgery, the doctor mislead me saying if I didn't get it removed it would lead to more hemmerhoids. Yet apparently the internal ones are back, and now I have an external one! I never before had an external one and it hurts so bad, nothing helps. I believe it's a result of the awful surgery too.

I had 2 x-rays. One showed nothing, the other showed stool that apparently shouldn't be there, at least not that much. Neither showed gas yet there are times I am sooooo gassy. I had a hypaque enema and it didn't show blockage. Because I couldn't eat for a full day and night before the test and had to take massive amounts of laxatives to be cleaned out, in the end, I looked flat and felt light like before the surgery. Yet after the test was over, I began to bloat again...and I didn't even eat anything yet!

I am scared, no one will help me and doctors tell me the surgery didn't cause my bloating and constipation but it all began the day of the surgery. Sorry but that is too big a coincidence. They just say I have I.B.S. which I think is B.S. how did that start overnight the day of surgery!?!? When I see a colon rectal surgeon, they send me to a G.I. doctor. And yet this was caused by a colon rectal surgeon. Neither helps and I've seen both.

Any help appreciated, thank you!
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