[LONG] How I cured myself! This might be your cure too!!

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[LONG] How I cured myself! This might be your cure too!!

Postby crisler » 17 Dec 2014, 12:22

Im a 22 year old male, in shape, never been constipated, never been through anything like an anal fissure in my life, and never even realized how important it is to take care of yourself "down there". The week following thanksgiving of this year I held in my bowel, don't know why, didn't think much about it, I just didn't feel like going to the bathroom. Needless to say, all of that beef and ham and beans, and everything else just got harder and harder in my rectum/bowel, and little did I know that. I never thought about it before, always took my colon health and rectum for granted, never treated it with love and respect like my muscles, or my teeth, or my facial hair.

I decided to finally go one morning, I was so backed up I HAD to go, and what do ya know Im trying to have a baby out of my anus. This was the nightmare bathroom experience that started it all, I pushed and forced it out, I forced and forced and knew something was gonne be a little sore after but boy oh boy if I could go back in time and never have strained. I pushed out the hardest most impacted stool of my life, it would not change shape as it came out, I was in pain so much pain I thought i prolapsed my whole anus or something I was crying and screaming im sure my neighbors heard me, I sitting here with only half of this thing out so far and I have to keep going but it wont go anymore its too painful, [GRAPHIC PART] while screaming I took some tp and used that to cover my hand as i stood up and pulled this thing out. Crying actually crying for the first time in i dont know how many years. My anus was hurting it was so bad, i flushed, and hopped in the shower thank god there were clean towels already in there, I took a long shower trying to make it through the pain. My anal muscles were like spasming like a violent charlie horse in my upper anus. I'd rather break both my arms than go through that pain again if given the choice, how could a thing hurt so much dear god.

After the incident I pretty much stopped eating for 2 days, no lie, for 2 days following this I ate nothing. I was NOT going to the bathroom again, was not, noone was going to force me to. I dont care how much of my precious muscle mass I was gonna lose from starving my body for a few days, nothing was coming out of there I could not bare that pain again, I never was so certain about not doing something in my life. But there was no deciding or negotiating, I was not eating food (though i drank plenty water). I basically did a water fast.

I know many of you have varying degrees of anal fissures, after sitting in bed depressed and fearful of using the bathrooom again, I found myself spending hours upon hours reading about what was going on with me and learning about this part of life that I never knew could happen to me, or even existed. Alot of you use stool softeners and continue using the bathroom, alot of you even continued eating meat products (meat and cheese form the hardest stools for those who do not know this), you people are strong. What I actually did was a 2 day water fast, then a period of 3 days of taking a 500mg vitamin C tablet, a 10,000 IU vitamin A tablet, in a tablespoon of coconut oil (you need fatty acids to absorb vitamin A). NO FOOD.

Three things: 1. FASTING allows for maximum healing benefits, no doctor is gonna tell you to fast but google this, youtube this, I only know this from somewhat being into bodybuilding, but fasting is completely safe if you drink WATER. Not only does fasting allow the body to heal exponentially faster by being able to focus on things other than digesting foods, such as repairing tissue, it also increases your HGH hormone (Human Growth Hormone) by nearly 800-1000% look these things up I am not lying to you i want to help you make it through this nightmare.
Number 2. Vitamins A and C are extremely useful, morese than any ointment or cream, that you will apply to yourself, and be further irritating your healing wound anyways. Vitamin C promotes rapid collagen formation and collagen is what your body is making as it heals a wound. Again, go on youtube and type in "wound healing" and look at the educational college videos that explain wound healing, for those who are skeptical of all of this. And vitamin A is equally as important as C, because vitamin A promotes the rapid rebuilding of epithelial tissue, or "skin", and what you tore open is skin, its actually called stratified squamous epithelial tissue, which is the type of skin that lines your rectum and anal canal.
Number 3. Stop using the bathroom. I know you feel like you have to eat every single day or you're gonna flip over and croak, no, trust me on this, fasting is the best thing you can do for your colon and your anal fissure right now. Research fasting its not a fad diet, its not a crazy thing that crazy people do, its a beneficial thing that people are afraid to do, When animals get sick they stop eating, this is a natural instinct that helps their bodys recover from their problems exponentially faster.

Listen to me, trust me, I healed myself in 7 days doing this now im back to normal eating healthy using the bathroom with absolutely NO PAIN or discomfort as fast as I thought id never be the same again. I only lost 3 pounds of mostly water weight and no I didnt die, do this 5 day water fast with nothing but vitamins, any multivitamin with A and C, but I took specifically A and C vitamins and you must take the C with water and follow it with the A with a TBSP of some kind of fatty oil. Its true that a healthy adult doesn't need vitamin supplements if they are eating healthy foods but you will not be eating right now. This will cure you faster in days than any progress youd make constantly irritating your wound over the course of weeks trying to heal while constant passing your "soft stools" with the fiber diet and stool softeners.

TL;DR: I am me again, fissure free, went from crying whenever i had the thought of using the bathroom in my head, to loving using the bathroom because its painfree now and Im fully healed. What i did was a 5 day water fast after my last BM, once there was nothing inside my rectum, (do not hold in BM get it out and let the healing begin). Do what i did please, your anal skin heals so easily and quickly, let your body do its job, stop eating, stop stressing out, YOU WILL BE OK, drink only water, only five days of this for a lifetime of pain free living. Take the vitamins before the drugs, A and C SPECIFICALLY, vitamins work better than any drug for healing your body. I was you, I was confused and depressed and afraid, but it will be ok, you will heal. Stop eating, stop contracting your muscles and trying to pass stools. Listen to me please. I wish you guys the best, love your body!
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Re: [LONG] How I cured myself! What a life changing experien

Postby Scientist2516 » 17 Dec 2014, 12:33

Hi Crisler,
thanks for your post. I'm really glad you were able to heal yourself, that is wonderful. I hope your post will help some other people.
I think it's important to realise that fissures are not only caused by trauma, as in your case, but also by GI diseases like crohns. Also, if you have a high anal resting pressure, healing is unlikely to be quick and easy, because of the natural tightness of the anus preventing a good blood supply to the area. Often what people need is a multi-pronged approach of medications, good diet, good hydration, rest etc.

Thanks again for your post. It's always great to hear a success story.
Nifedipine/lidocaine, no help
Diltiazem, effective, but caused major rash
Nitroglycerine, effective.
Topical estrogen for final healing.
Gentle heat to bottom - pain relief, muscle relaxant
Kondremul mineral oil
Time - lots of time.
Status - Healed!
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