Internal Hemorhoid symptoms??

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Internal Hemorhoid symptoms??

Postby MommaTom4 » 13 May 2018, 09:02

I have been diagnosed with internal hemorhoids several times in my life. The GI dr has never really discussed it much with me, just said to use miralax to avoid constipation. I guess I just want to understand the symptoms and how to help them when they are aggravated.

I was contipated, and had a very hard to pass bowel movement. I took miralax, but I hate it because it makes me gassy and them makes the stool full on mush so it comes out thin and loose and makes me feel like I have to keep going several times. But I took it, and then it was looser, not liquid, but loose, thin, and ragged edged. So I know I’m not backed up, and I’m having a bowel movement every day. But when I go, I feel like I habe to keep pushing because there is more there, but nothing really comes out. I try to ignore it and move on, but then it just kind of burns inside and out for almost an hour afterwards. I use prep H, and it helps a bit, but if I put any inside, it makes me feel like I need to push it back out.

I had a clean colonoscopy 5 years ago, saw internal hemorhoids and diagnosed with ibs. I’m 38, so not really recommended to have another one for another 5 years.
A year ago, I had major issues with feeling like something was stuck in there, so I saw my GI and he did an anuscope to look and saw two fairly large internals, which explained the symptoms. He prescribed an ointment for them, but I never filled it because by the time I went in, they were not fweling as uncomfortable. He didnt think surgery was at all necessary because they werent thrombosed and should shrink back on their own, which they did.
They never are on the outside, but I feel like they are making it hard to truly pass all the stool unless its that soft and ragged edged poop.

The websites always describe PAIN with bowel movements, which I dont have-its a burning type of feeing-not what I would call pain. The websites also say bleeding...I never have had bleeding. Occasionally a tiny speck on the toilet paper after wiping, but that was just one time.
I have the burning during and for a while after the bowel movement, and my stool seems to be somewhat thin if its softer. A more solid bowel movement feels more relieving than the soft ones because the soft ones are what create the burning type feeing and the urgency feeling of needing to go more when there isnt any more to come out. I kind of feel like the GI doesnt address these things, just gives me a handout on hemorhoids and sends me on my way.
Prep H can help with external ones, but what about the internal ones? Again if I
What can I do to help them heal and shrink faster? Are epsom salt baths good for internal ones? Or is that just for the external ones?
Any other tips?
Picture included with image of when I push. Edited...not sure how to add an image
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Re: Internal Hemorhoid symptoms??

Postby patience_and_healing » 14 May 2018, 10:17

I don't have much of an idea of how internal hemorrhoids are treated, but I suggest you ask to be referred to a colorectal specialist. I think you'll find that they are better equipped to deal with these things than gastro doctors.
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Re: Internal Hemorhoid symptoms??

Postby Deleted User 7114 » 10 Jul 2018, 14:34

Burning is a type of pain. So if you are experiencing burning, you are experiencing pain. It might not be intense enough for you to class it as pain, but it clearly sounds uncomfortable.

Hemorrhoids can also create the sensation that you have not fully emptied your bowels when in fact you have.

I've found that keeping my stools mushy but formed with laxatives has been helping my internal and external hemorrhoids a lot. I have the same experience as you that formed stools are easier to pass than mush. For me, I'm finding that it is just a question of getting the laxative dose right.

Anyway, you posted this a while ago. How are you doing now?
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