Pranicura actually stopped my intense burning

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Pranicura actually stopped my intense burning

Postby Kingfish » 09 Jul 2018, 14:24

Hi Guys,
After dealing with some very intense burning after BM's that lasted upwards of 8 hours I was at my wit's end. I really believe that the burning was caused by a combination of things. First my fissure, second several proctologist visits that were far from pleasant and finally cortisone cream that I was prescribed along with a double round of antibiotics and soaking in a stiz bath and not properly drying off.
So at that point in time where I felt the most burning, I was trying to find anything that could help alleviate the intense pain I was experiencing. I tried a few common things such as hot sitz baths but in retrospect, I think the constant moisture may have made things worse for me.
What I feel really helped me the most with the pain was my daily regiment of Restorolax powder to keep things soft, coconut oil to sooth the skin, and Pranicure to further protect the area. When I began taking Pranicure I saw an almost immediate reduction in burning pain. I kept up the application of the cream for a few days and the burning pain went away. I still had rectum pain but not the burning and to me, the burning was really the worst part.
I thought Pranicue was a scam but I felt I had nothing to lose. For me, it worked so I wanted to let you guys know about it in case you are also experiencing the dreaded burning. Again I don't think it was one particular thing that helped me but a combination of things.

I hope this info can help you too!
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Re: Pranicura actually stopped my intense burning

Postby Deleted User 7114 » 10 Jul 2018, 13:55

Thanks for sharing Kingfish! Yes, the burning really is horrible. I don't have burning at the moment but I will definitely try your recommendation if I do.
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