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PurpleTeeth's personal thread

Postby PurpleTeeth » 16 Aug 2020, 08:22

Hey y'all, good to be here! I found this forum last night after a particularly bad experience and some frantic googling, so allow me to introduce myself.

Background: I am in my mid 20s, quite fat (~300 lbs) and not looking for any sort of massive weight loss, so please do not try to convince me to do that. My diet does not have many vegetables in it - not to say that I only eat junk, as I do tend to seek out meals that are made with nice whole ingredients and nothing too artificial. But I think it was a factor. I've always been a picky eater, and many of the foods that have been suggested here (particularly cooked vegetables) are extremely unpleasant for me on a sensory level. Frankly I'm surprised that I made it this long into my life without getting an AF.

I think my AF showed up a few weeks ago. There was a bit of burning I would have during a BM, which would go away once I cleaned everything up. After learning the "moo" method, and taking fiber supplements and sitz baths, eventually the pain stopped, and business as usual could resume.

But here's where things get interesting.
Last Monday, I had knee surgery. I was very anxious leading up to it, and trying to drink as much water as possible. The morning of the operation, I felt a bit of AF pain come back, so I took a sitz bath again. After that the pain stopped, but because of my knee and how my bathroom is set up it became extremely difficult for me to reach where I need to wipe. Plus I can't shower until my stitches are out next week. So the next day, I ordered a bidet attachment for my toilet, thinking foolishly that it would make my life easier. I ordered one with only cold water, since there was no clear path from a hot water source to the toilet.

What I didn't take into account was the pain medication they gave me. I was taking statex (morphine) 3-4x a day. Since it's a known constipator, they also prescribed me opus sennosides, which I always took at the same time. I kept taking my fiber supplements, though with less water since getting water from the kitchen has become something of an ordeal.

The bidet attachment arrived on Friday, so my first BM with the bidet was on Friday evening. Once I got up, I noticed the water was a translucent red, and there was blood water dripping from me and making a mess.
At first I thought this was just hemorrhoids (I've had them before, back when I had no AF) so I put on some cream and left it at that.

Saturday morning, I actually had a BM using the bidet and there was no blood. But I discovered, 2-3 hours later, that since I had put it at the lowest pressure setting, it hadn't cleaned everything properly. So I cleaned up with some wet wipes, but it was still irritated. The next BM, sometime in the afternoon, I turned it to a higher pressure setting, and now there was blood again.

Saturday night was especially bad. I had been drinking even less water than usual, and taking more fiber, which of course was a recipe for bloating and straining. The AF opened up nice and wide, which meant that after every BM the burning was almost unbearable. Flushing it out with the bidet did actually make the burning stop, but of course it made me bleed. I was particularly concerned when I tried to wipe up with toilet paper, and some of the blood was dark red and had the consistency of mucus. I called a health line on the phone, and the nurse told me that it probably isn't infected, but it is the AF that's bleeding and not a simple hemorrhoid. Which means that the AF has crossed from acute into chronic territory. The nurse recommended that I not use the bidet as it seems to be exerting too much pressure, but I don't know if I can accept this. The whole reason I bought that thing in the first place was that my knee surgery has made my habitual wiping technique impossible. It's really a case of damned if I do, damned if I don't. The nurse said the most important thing is to keep the area clear of any sort of debris, so I wiped down thoroughly with some wet wipes (which I can sort of almost reach when I'm lying in bed) and then went to sleep.

It's now Sunday morning. I thankfully don't feel an immediate need for a BM, and I have an extra bottle of water at the ready. There's no pain or itching at the moment, though it does feel a bit sweaty since my butt cheeks tend to bunch together when I lie down. I would like to have something that can hold them apart when I sleep so that the area can air out, but I don't know if anything like that exists.

I'm kind of dreading my next BM, because despite the current lack of burning I can feel that the AF is still happy and healthy. I can definitely feel it when I fart. Frankly I'd be surprised if this went away on its own without an operation, as sitz baths are out of the question for at least another week, but I guess one can always hope.

The good news is that since Saturday, I haven't needed to take any morphines for the pain. So maybe with that mitigating factor gone, this might become marginally easier.

One idea I had is to use the bidet but not aim it directly at the center; instead, I would just aim it on a cheek and let it rebound into the anus. I haven't tried this though, and as I've learned the hard way it's not a guarantee that everything will be clean just because I'm using a bidet.

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far down, and I'm very happy to have found this thread.
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