question about draining setons

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question about draining setons

Postby fedupofbumluck » 16 Dec 2016, 10:13

hello again :)

So, I saw another surgeon and got my second opinion (if you didn't see my previous post, my previous surgeon said my fistula had gone...yeah, no). The new surgeon agrees that, yes, I do still have an unhealed fistula and wants to put in a draining seton.

What is the idea of a draining seton? To reduce infection? To heal it? Is it meant to be permanent? If not, how long do you have it for? Does it heal it but not close it? There wasn't much opportunity to ask any questions during my appointment so I'm hoping you can enlighten me!

I wouldn't say mine is very inflamed/infected at all and I'm a bit worried that it may make my situation worse, in terms of leakage, discomfort, etc. Knowing what to expect and what it's for would set my mind at ease a bit.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: question about draining setons

Postby LemonMan » 28 Dec 2016, 05:34

Hi Fedup,

My understanding is a draining seton is usually a temporary measure to keep the fistual track open so the infection can fully drain out, and inflamation can reduce. Fistula's will usually otherwise heal over (on the skin surface), which causes puss and infection to build up resulting in the fistual busting open again - in a repeating cycle.

When the infection has reduced your Doc will then advise you on the next step which is usually some sort of surgery. There are several options depending on your situation.

Hope that helps and things improve for you, LemonMan
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