Quick update after LIS(6 weeks ago)

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Quick update after LIS(6 weeks ago)

Postby soey » 22 Feb 2015, 03:22

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on how I've been doing after I had LIS 6 weeks ago.
I've had alot of good days, I can live my life pretty much as normal, except I do have some burning after every BM. Not as much as before though.
For those of you who fear having LIS, please dont. I was in very little pain after the surgery and the incision site healed after a few days. The pain from the surgery was not even close to the pain I had when i first got my fissures a year back.

I still have some bad days with more pain, and it does get very frustrating, because I had such high hopes that I would be painfree two weeks after surgery.. no such luck. And my CRS never told me much about recoverytime, but I'm hopefull that I'll get there.. The best thing about having the surgery is that I'm able to relax more. Feeling confident that I'll never have the spasming again. Even if i have a re-tear from time to time, it'll never be as bad as it was.
I still struggle mentally, even if I have painfree days, all my focus is on my butthole.. Like its always there..

If you decide to go for surgery, dont fear the pain. But dont make the same mistake I did and believe you'll be painfree two weeks after surgery. I think thats what I'm struggling with the most now.. accepting that this will still take time.
I would never think that one day my biggest wish would be to poop without pain. O_o

I'm extremely glad I did the surgery, because I now have more good days than bad, and if I have a re-tear, it'll start itching ALOT right away, and it feels like it heals faster. I'll be in pain/discomfort for 1-2 days, then I'll be good. Before I would be in pain for a week. And there is no incontinence whatsoever! I can pass gas more easily. Before i had to push to get gas out.. and even that would hurt.

I dont know if I can say the surgery was a success, since I still have bad days after 6 weeks, but at least I'm better and able to live a more normal life. A life that's not controlled by routines.
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Re: Quick update after LIS(6 weeks ago)

Postby owmybum » 23 Feb 2015, 11:40

That's great news soey!

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