Recurring chronic fissure

Fissure will not heal

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Recurring chronic fissure

Postby Deleted User 7374 » 08 Aug 2018, 03:33


I have been suffering from a chronic fissure for 9 months now. I have had periods where it seems to get a bit better, then it gets worse again. At the moment it is worse than ever. I am not constipated, I have been taking prescription diltiazem and using instillagel to help manage the pain. The dr is recommending that I get Botox but cannot do that yet as I am still breastfeeding. This all happened after the birth of my first child (forceps delivery) and I am feeling so depressed!! I just don’t understand why it is so bad again when I have been so careful with my diet, taking meds and drinking lots of water etc.

Anyone got any advice/ experienced a chronic fissure after childbirth? In so much pain which is tough when looking after my baby!!
Deleted User 7374

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