Rumalaya medicine

Rumalaya is my current solution

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Rumalaya medicine

Postby Rudiharms » 21 May 2014, 09:13

Hi Everyone,

i've had my first anal fissure 8 years ago, and since it's been a road of pain and anguish I could never have imagined before.

In that time period i had 2 operations(Anal sphincterotomy and anal dilatation). Both of them worked for a period of about 6-8 months before everything just started all over again. Then i went onto the beta blocker creams. they also worked for a few months, before it slowly stopped working. My final solution was to have an anal Botox injection every 3 months. Very unpleasant, but it kept things under control . This i did for about 1.5 years. But also that wasn't ideal at all. A Lateral anal sphincterotomy was no option for me, since in Europe it is strongly advised against it due to incontinence issues experienced later in life(I know in the US it is the preferred method, but especially Germany warns strongly against it).
Obviously i kept to a strict Diet with everything else around that topic in these years.

Well, all in all, the best solution came to me via pure blessing(don't believe in luck). I went to the homeopath to get a treatment for a recurring muscle injury i contracted from running. He prescribed Rumalaya pills(from "Himalaya" company)(Note: not the cream, I haven't tried that). After drinking this for a month i realised, that my anal fissure problem has close to disappeared. So I stopped the pills, fissure came back. Started again, fissure disappeared. So, now i just continue popping 1 pill a day.
when I stop, after about 2 weeks, the fissure returns, but while drinking this stuff it just stays beautifully under control.

I've only been doing this for 8 months now. i really do hope that the pills will not loose efficiacy. But time will tell. I am sharing this, because nobody else has seems to have experienced this! No entry on google exists for this.

Anyway, hope this helps people

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