Safest way to apply nifedipine/nitro/dilt internally?

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Safest way to apply nifedipine/nitro/dilt internally?

Postby William2 » 05 Feb 2017, 07:27

I apologize if this is already answered somewhere...

I'm applying nifedipine while laying on my left side on the ground with my knees bent about 90 degrees (with a coated finger cot going gently inside). The position doesn't seem the most comfortable, and I sometimes get a little sharp sting when I do it. I'm not sure if the sting is just due to the medicine, or because of touching the fissure.

Should I bend my knees more? Is it better to stand and squat slightly? What is the best way to avoid damaging the fissure site? My fissure is along the back side.
8/09 - 12/10: fissure, cured by LIS/fissurectomy
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Re: Safest way to apply nifedipine/nitro/dilt internally?

Postby Fissurefrustration » 05 Feb 2017, 08:26

Hi William2,

You apply the creams the way I used to. I found that position easiest to get to where I needed to go.

I had the same sting and I still do - I think that area is so sensitive anything with a different chemical makeup other than H20 has a bit of a sting to it until it settles down.

Suffering since June 2013 :(

Methods tried:
Sitz Baths
GTN cream - awful migraines!
Manuka Honey / Coconut oil / Aloe
Vitamin E suppositories
Tablets (Fiber, Cod liver oil with vit A+D, Multi vits)my + tag excision X 2
Dilatiazem - so far so good.
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