Should I have an LIS & EUA?

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Should I have an LIS & EUA?

Postby JonnyJ » 13 Mar 2016, 21:32

Hey everyone so I need to make a decision. I have had a fissure on and off for a few years, it seems to come and go. Sometimes it will bleed, sometimes not. Basically it seems to depend on whether I keep soft stools although that isn't always the case. I also have skin tags. So I went and saw the CRS again. He's a very good doctor, very laid back. I have seen him about this issue for about 2 years now, usually once a year or so. He wanted to an EUA, with removal of skin tags and a sphincterotomy. He also mentioned Botox. It would be an outpatient, he said recovery would be quick. He didn't push it on me by any means, but I am also wondering if I do nothing, will my symptoms of occasional bleeding and such improve or just get worse? I know it's a minor procedure, but I wouldn't want to upset the "delicate" balance of things back there either. I know he's a very good surgeon. But also just hate to have any procedure unless it is like really necessary. So am not sure what to do. Should I have it done and not overthink it, or should I just hold off?

I've had anal surgery before, but a totally different kind. That was to remove an anal polyp which had infected an anal gland and was bleeding quite heavily. This situation is less urgent more elective I guess, but still wondering what to do.
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Re: Should I have an LIS & EUA?

Postby Savaici » 14 Mar 2016, 21:44

Suggest you use our wonderful search function, the one between Portal and FAQ, and search by topic. Skin tags can be a bit painful after removal, and do quite often come back. Still, up to you if you want them removed. Personally, I would not have surgery unless I was in excruiting pain. Anal fissures are very common; like a paper cut of the bum. Just some people are more affected than others by the wretched things.
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