spasms or stenosis??

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spasms or stenosis??

Postby Jordydc5 » 08 Jun 2019, 05:48

Hey guys, 25 year old male here, been suffering from anal fissures since 18. anyway for the last 5 years ive been battling anal fissures for the second time around, this time i cant get rid of them. anyway i get pain when passing large stools, and sometimes blood and lingering pain that lats for hours after.

since starting movicol 2 years ago i can have painless bms, but if i forget to take a sachet or dont eat healthy and my stool gets a little bit hard or dry ( i literally mean 'little bit' doesnt take much) ill get the instant cutting pain, sometimes with a streak of blood and spasms for hours afterwards. i tend to heal up and get fissures in new places every time, sometimes more than one at a time. whereas when i wasnt on movicol i had the same 1 or 2 places that only hurt, regularly.

regardless of whether i am in pain or not from a fissure, i always have to push to get my poop out, soft or hard. they come out thin and broken up as my anus seems like it sometimes tries to close mid poop lol. now i just came accross something called anal stenosis.... it seems to have the same symptoms im having. always tight and thin stools. my question is, are thin stools and the inability to open up my sphincter muscle without ripping myself symptoms of fissures? or could i have stenosis? thanks
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Re: spasms or stenosis??

Postby Pherianne » 08 Jun 2019, 14:16

To be diagnosed you need to be checked by a CRS.

However you could have chronic fissures that aren’t healing. I have this along with spasm. No stenosis .

Best to get yourself in to see a colorectal surgeon so they can have a look.
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