Surgery thursday

Wondering if other sleeve patients on here?

Please come in! Start your own personal thread, tell us a bit about yourself...and your fissure, of course. Welcome!

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Surgery thursday

Postby texasgirl » 16 Oct 2013, 20:19

So glad to find this forum, just wish I had found it in my earlier web searching. Didn't come up until I actually searched "fissurectomy", which is what I am scheduled for tomorrow (along with a bonus colonoscopy!).

My problem started about 10 months ago, 1 year after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. I suspected poor water intake as the main culprit, but it seemed to heal ok after CRS put me on Nitro cream and said to increase my fiber.

However 2 months later my sleeve surgeon put me on phentermine to help my weight loss progress. The phentermine had extreme drying effects (awful cotton mouth--worked to suppress appetite just cuz my mouth was fuzzy all the time!), and I also had a bout of diarhhea, and lo and behold, the fissure returned (same place).

I have been treating it for the last 7-8 months with Nitro, colace (1/day), and FiberOne supplements (2/day). It seemed somewhat under control, flaring up maybe once a week. Never really able to get good control of my BMs--sometimes watery, sometimes normal, rarely hard. Two weeks ago the knife pain became daily, nearly constant, and started affecting my work attendance, so I reluctantly decided to proceed with surgery. I was reassured when my trusted sleeve surgeon said he thought highly of my CRS and was supportive of doing the surgery.

I searched the forum for "sleeve" and "gastric" surgery to no avail, hoping to find people who have that additional issue, which limits what I can eat, and also what kind of meds and laxatives I can take. Hoping to find other people on here that are in the same boat. If you are post-bariatric surgery, can you tell me your experience, especially if you are post-op?

Thanks for the great info and encouragement I have already seen in perusing the posts!

Side note: I saw a dermatologist for an unrelated problem, and mentioned the fissure and she said she also treated them and offered to took a look. Was having horrible pain that day, and she said "it doesn't look bad" and suggested steroid cream and avoiding wet tissue for wiping/blotting. Saw my CRS a little later in the day and he said the steroid cream was completely contraindicated!
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Re: Surgery thursday

Postby pinpin » 17 Oct 2013, 01:22

First of all welcome and good luck with your surgery!

Steroid cream is something to use carefully. Intention of it to reduce pain in area and those reduce spasms, improving blood flow, helping ulcer to heal. However if you use cream more than 10-14 days, it can thin the skin, and basically makes you worse and prone to develop fissures.

I think it is safe to try it for 10-14 days maximum, if it does not make huge difference by this time, it is better to cancel it.
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