Terrible pain and construction

Due to pain meds

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Terrible pain and construction

Postby Ankle0201 » 13 Feb 2016, 21:05

Hi all. I'm new here. I have seen blood in my poop but never pain, this happened occasionally. I did strain alot without knowledge it's bad.
So the situation turned south when I had an accidental fall and broke my ankle 2 weeks ago. While being in cast n bed bound n on pain meds. Constipation started 1 week ago. At the time I remember having one last soft stool and after that I couldn't have anymore.
So I sat on toilet for hours straining (still not aware of the terrible mistake I been making), I gave up. I knew I had a constipation.
I went to take stool softener n came back 8 hours later to give another go, again, nothing but I felt something was coming out n then retracting.
For the next few days I was not able to pass any stool, n pain started coming on.
I went to the doc, got prescribed suppository n fleet enema . Both did nothing. Pain level increased to almost unbearable.
Went back to doc, did rectal exam was told no hemmorroid just constipation really bad.
Prescribed a cream which I'm still waiting to get and bisacodyl laxative. (I did not take it since I read on this forum it's a harsh laxative ).
Doc said the hard stool needs to come out just use gloved lubricated finger to stick in. So I came home yesterday n did the finger technique. Only able to dig out tiny marble pieces, amount was tiny! stool just sat by the opening wouldn't come out. Each time the urge to come out causing excruciating pain. I didn't wanna keep using the finger to further damage the situation. The result is too small of a stool. It's hard too.
I don't even know if I have anal fissure but today I saw little blood on toilet paper.
I need to go back to my doc again because even though stool is coming out but the amount is too little and the pain is too great to sustain. I been applying witch hazel n essential oils on the anusol area after bm to keep the inflammation down. It helped. Ibupeofen didnt help either. I upped my dose on the stool softener. But nothing has worked in helping the pain n constipation except my finger.
I'm bed bound due to the broken ankle which adds to the whole agony. My water in stake is limited since I'm immobile. I been eating rice porridge with vegetables. I started eating prunes yesterday. I don't know if that helps but I constantly have the urge to go but stool cannot come out just gets stuck at the openeing.
Been constipated for 1 week already. ..
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Re: Terrible pain and construction

Postby pinpin » 26 Mar 2016, 16:00


Welcome to forum, sorry not answering shortly. How are you these days?
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