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Re: The Essential Fissure Shop List

Postby Worstyear » 30 Aug 2021, 09:09

Thank you both for the nitro feedback. In my country (im from argentina) we have just one ointment available, and it's 0,2%, used twice a day. We dont have botox available or the other drugs i've seen you have :( It's either this or LIS (which my doc is avoiding).
I asked the doc if I could use it longer, and said no problem. What baffles me is why the guy wants me to use that just once a day now, and just in the night. I cant find a reason why and dont want to dissobey him but... if i dont use it after my bm i cant work. The bm triggers a very annoying burning/inflamation feeling that lasts hours if i dont use nitro. With nitro at least its just a couple of hours.
I googled for your case, bathboi, but cant seem to find anything related :( And you seem to be very very mindful of your diet.
I dont use laxatives (except mineral oil some days when i know i ate more gluten stuff that i should), so i dont know if them could have something to do with it?
AFs seem like a puzzle for each body :x
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Re: The Essential Fissure Shop List

Postby missy moo » 30 Aug 2021, 14:59

Yep fissures are such a journey i can't even explain the stuff i been through with this fissure. Its been nearly 8 years for me. 30 days from now marks 8 YEARS!!! So i can confidently say that if creams, diets, laxatives, stool softeners, water an exercise don't heal your fissure within say the first 2-3months then your very unlikely to heal it yourself in 8 years. I've had botox twice and tried everything else i mean everything!! And recently started Vaseline 1 thing that i hadn't tried but I've had mild pain discomfort last 3 days an today had increased pain and saw blood so definitely not a magic cream. Lis is the only answer after creams. Don't use creams etc like me for 8 years. It does your head in.
missy moo
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Re: The Essential Fissure Shop List

Postby Bathboi » 06 Nov 2021, 19:31

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been away for a bit. Last update to this had me checking more into how Retrogesic reacted, but I soon found out there was a lot more to it than I originally thought. Thankfully I worked with the doc to pinpoint what it was and I hope it helps anyone with similar issues:

After leaving the Rectogesic alone for almost 2 weeks, I decided to start using it again to aid recovery (and it would also help tell me if it caused my constipation issues). All was well for about a week and a half, until I started experiencing mild pain again with BM's. A few days later, pain came back after BM's and even began to last all day (just when I thought I'd felt the last of that!). At one point after a BM, I was unable to move at all. I wondered what the hell was going on as the Movicol was still doing its thing, yet soft stools were doing nothing and it was getting worse.

At this point I was now taking hemorrhoid cream (1-2 times a day) and the reteogesic 1 time a day. One night I applied Rectogesic as normal and 10mins after, I was hit with heavy pulsating pain, with intense itching and burning. I lay in bed unable to sleep or even hold a conversation with my other half - the pain was that bad (and even hours later, it wasn't easing down!). I don't like to take painkillers due to BM complications but this was so bad, I took one of her Naproxen's out of sheer desperation (possibly the strongest anti inflammatory you can get). Within 10mins, the pain settled down and I could finally sleep. The morning after, it began to bug me how effective that pill was. Yes, Naproxen's are strong but it knocked it out and kept it that way until the next BM (although that type of pain was only that night). This had to be something else, something causing the inflammation...

I immediately stopped all treatment and the only thing I was taking now was Movicol. I spoke to my doc and explained the pain and he asked me to come in that very day, for another examination. The doc found such heavy inflammation , he could hardly see up there. I was then told that I had done the right thing by stopping every rectal treatment, as this was clearly causing major reactions. I was then prescribed Elocon ointment - a potent anti inflammatory cream that you can only use for a total of 10 days (with a two day break after the 5th day).

Once back at home, I could honestly feel the difference even after just the first day of treatment! Once the full 10 days was finished, I was thankfully back to the recovery point where I was, before the intense reactions kicked-in (very mild discomfort with BM's but no pain after going and I can sit and move around fine). Now it's just back to not going mad with heavy meats, changing my Movicol dose to suit what I've eaten and to be patient with all BM's.

I hope this helps guys and let me know if you have any questions?

All the best
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