Please Check Out My Plan To Treat Fissures

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Please Check Out My Plan To Treat Fissures

Postby Jason » 16 Nov 2016, 22:18

My name is Jason,

I dealt with a chronic fissure for about 3 years and just recently figured out how to cure mine. It took a few months of sticking to this plan I came up with, but I finally have my life back. I was so damn sick of everyone 1-3 days getting hit with a BM that just put me in terrible pain for the rest of the day...I went all out, I DECIDED I wouldn't let this win. I'm sure not every will be fully cured from this, but I think many people will be and I know it can at least help most everyone to improve. It's based off of a hygiene protocol that starts with what I call "the paste." A combination of petroleum jelly, coconut oil, and if you want to go an extra mile... emu oil mixed together, applied to toilet paper 4-15 times post BM until the area is clean. It may sound like a huge deal, but after a week or so it becomes routine and easy...and I think for a lot of people...after a month or 2 they'll be relatively pain free. If I'm out of line posting this link admins please let me know, but also please at least check out my site! If you think it's as good as I do a sticky would get this out to the most people possble. Thank you and goodluck everyone.

I don't want to go around littering peoples threads with my link...I've been trying to get in touch with admins but haven't had any success with that .

I suffered with a fissure for a really long time. I had to stop drinking beers and eating a bunch of the food I loved, and many days were filled with constant pain. As a guy in good shape, unmarried in his mid 20's it really sucked. Incredibly embarassing and really depressing to be honest. Constantly I asked myself "why me?." I got fed up, and I stopped looking for a job (having just come back from teaching overseas) and focused on healing my fissure. In the process I came up with a pretty thorough system to take care of these things. After lots of tinkering, years of suffering, and so many "why me" moments, I decided I was going to go balls to the wall and whatever I had to, to stop this horrible problem and take back my life.

The first and most crucial step, is based off of making a paste out of coconut oil, petroleum jelly, and emu oil. Probably not that different than ideas you've heard of or things you've tried...but the big deal is the specifics and the technique of how to do it...persistence and vigilance towards hygiene is my major theory behind it. At first it seems like an edveavour, but after a week or so, and especially after a few weeks when you should feel a lot better, it's simple...habitual.

Anyways, here is "the paste" portion

Making the paste

It's quite simple to make, you take 1 part petrolium jelly and 1 and a half parts coconut oil and stir them together until you get a paste like consistency. IF you also have emu oil, add a few drops into the mixture. Over the course of a day or so the paste will become more liquid as the compounds in the two oils breakdown the petrolium jelly, but it still does it's job so don't sweat it. I recommend having a dedicated receptical for your stirring and application stick to keep your bathroom clean.


The application technique is very important and one of the keys to success. The idea is to get as close to the wound as possible, delivering the antibacterial compounds in the emu oil and coconut oil, while cleaning the area at the same time. So, you take 2 piece of toilet paper and fold them into a v like this. Apply a thick coating of paste along the fold ridge and using a delicate but firm touch, push the saturated paper as close to the wound as possble, being carerful not to pull the paper out as you take your hand away. If it helps to pull the skin tight you can raise a leg up depending on where your fissure is located. Go sit down for a minute, come back, gently pull the paper out, and see if it is clean. It will likely take 4-15 applications to come out completely clean. Don't skimp on this, keep applying, removing, and applying a new tissue until the area is totally clean. This is crucial to getting the wound to heal.
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