Tried diltiazem/surgeon appointment in 2days

Going to check my options

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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Re: Tried diltiazem/surgeon appointment in 2days

Postby getmylifeback » 07 Dec 2017, 12:56

Hi Missy,

My CRS doesnt think botox is a good procedure because of the very high reoccurence rate. I went with the LIS and the pain is actually less than fissure pain. Best decision of my life, you should highly consider it and speak to your doc if you can get a CRS. My doc recommended against soft serve type of stool because while it doesnt hurt as much as a bulky one, it doesnt stretch the internal sphincter and promote blood flow. You should look for a CRS and talk about LIS, it is the best treatment for it. I was afraid for YEARS then i finally bit the bullet and i wish i had done it sooner. I feel normal for the first time in 8 years, you should ask about the surgery.
As far as the stretching, some people have the adverse reaction of tightening up after botox instead of loosening, and the effect is only temporary, youll more than likely go back to your old ways down there. LIS seriously saved my quality of life, and i completely understand and feel your agony. Im 3 weeks out and I feel about 90%, no issues really just extra time to make sure im really clean down there after going to the bathroom. I hope this helps
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Re: Tried diltiazem/surgeon appointment in 2days

Postby missy moo » 11 Dec 2017, 16:39

Thanks get my life back I'll look into it. Katie I'm doing fine just waiting for my next appointment with a different surgeon the best I can get in my area and for free but don't have a date yet I'm just living each day as it comes my setbacks aren't to bad anymore it flears up is sore only while passing a stool then there's next to no pain till the next movement an days when a movement is pain free it's pain free for a few weeks and I can do anything sit run jump on the trampoline with my kids hope your all doing well. Merry Christmas
missy moo
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