Skin tag and hem removal 2w still pain

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Skin tag and hem removal 2w still pain

Postby Flaneur » 08 Jul 2018, 08:41

Hi everyone,
TLDR! I haven’t been on here in a while because I was just sort of maintaining everything. For five years I’ve struggled with a sentinel pile that swelled with each BM and about every 3-6 months would get a thrombosis, like a thrombosis hem. It would be number and drained in the doctors office, I’d be in agony for a week then I’d try and forget it. And repeat.
In the last five years I’ve had:
Sigmoidoscopy with no sedation (don’t recommend at all)
Colonoscopy and HAL RAR treatment.
Botox in fissure
Colonoscopy and sclerothetapy for internal hems.
Around 10-12 treatments for thrombosis hem/ tag.
Finally I saw another CRS who did a Sigmoidoscopy, tag removal, removed a “tiny external hem” and banded two internals. That was 9 days ago.
I’ve been in pain ever since. I’m ok with pain if I’m healing- it’s not terrible, maybe 2 or 3 out of 10. But when I feel and look down there I certainly don’t have the clean look I’d hoped for. I don’t know if it’s the wound healing or more problems but I still have a really tender excision spot and what feels like a tag/hem just as big as before.
I don’t know what I’m after really- just people who understand the frustration of all this.
How long did you take to heal from your tag removal? Will my butt ever look the same again? Will i ever be able to sit down for more than 10 minutes without pain?
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Re: Skin tag and hem removal 2w still pain

Postby IFuckingHurt » 09 Jul 2018, 17:05

Is it the BM’s causing the pain or are you just hurting from still being in recovery?

If it’s the BMs, are they soft? You could try stool softener and fiber supplement. I do, and mine are perfectly soft to a point where the pain went from 7/10 to a 0.002/10 (practically not there). I believe it’s healing.
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