Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Postby vdb324 » 28 Oct 2013, 21:32

Hi all,

Has anyone had a Vitamin B12 deficiency with an AF?

Today, my GP recommended that B12 might be helpful for a nerve problem I was having, seemingly separate from the AF. I did some research, and it turns out, B12 deficiencies can be caused by Crohn's and Celiac disease (neither of which I have been diagnosed with it). Also, a B12 deficiency results in constipation for some reason, and as we know, constipation can lead to an AF.
To top it off, I don't eat a lot of of meat, which is the main source of B12. I started taking a multivitamin today, and we'll see what that does. But, I am curious to see if anyone has actually found out they have a B12 vitamin deficiency with an AF.

I am probably grasping for straws, but I'm curious. At the very least, I am improving my nutrition!
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Re: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Postby CanadaHell » 29 Oct 2013, 07:54

don't overdo the B12 gives your whole body a "burning sensation", from past experience!
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Re: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Postby JHH » 29 Oct 2013, 08:08

I was diagnosed with D vitamin defiency, but not B12. I guess any deficiency could impact wound healing if its bad enough.
- Fissure developed in Jan '13
- Started rectogesic in Feb '13 and diltiazem Apr '13.
- Got botox Jun '13
- Healed by Okt '13, although I still had some irritation for about a year.
- New fissure April '22, healed June 2022
- New fissure 24. December 2023
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Re: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Postby rio » 29 Oct 2013, 12:51

About two years ago I started supplementing B12 - hydroxocobalamin, 1000 micrograms intramuscular injection, at first twice a week for two months, than just once a month or two months. My neurologist prescribed it for migraine like headaches and in hope that it will treat trigeminal neuralgia. The migraine like headaches stopped soon and I was so relieved. Trigeminal neuralgia got a bit better after longer period. So it worked well for me - one of the best supplements. Strange side effect in my case was loosing weight. I was slightly overweight at that time and lost some kilos without dieting during weekly administration of B12.
So, I assume that I could not be B12 deficient and still got fissure.
I agree with CanadaHell that very large doses can iritate nervs, but being a water soluble vitamin it is supposed to be nontoxic and it is believed to be poorly absorbed by oral intake, especially if it is in form of cyanocobalamyn.
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Re: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Postby blesstech » 03 Nov 2013, 12:42

My experience on B12 and AF. I mostly just eat veggie after getting AF and I found that I got mouth and tongue ulcer very frequently (I actually never had tongue ulcer before). So I start to take Vitamin B complex + C as I suspect it is likely due to my diet change, and since then I am getting better with less ulcers.
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Re: Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Postby nightsking666 » 26 May 2022, 19:31

For one, dont listen to ANYONE who says vit b12 is bad for you. They are a moron and have no idea what they are talking about.

B12, and magnesium are the 2 most important vitamins you can take supplements for, since actual food is so deprived of the vitamins in the modern day, that its reach nigh epidemic levels, and general prac, have no clue just how common and important it truly is.

If you are constipated, if you are having neerve pain, from ANY kind of nerve damage, it is not a perminant state of being, doctors are just good at peddling the bandaid, not addressing root causes because then you cant find a solution and have to go back. It can be a scam, that if you arent careful can cost you your life. Since there are actually some doctors, who will questions whether you actually need it, even with blood work, and they will deny you the supplement, which ive had happen to me before.

At first it started with burning skin at about the age of 22. I would be tired, and fall asleep on my hand, or my foot, and wake up, to a paralyzed limb. Not just a limb that fell asleep, but paralyzed for months, I had whats called drop hand in both my wrists at differnt times, and drop foot in both my ankles. I eventually developed burning flakey skin that was like a sunburn all over my body, espcially on my genitals head, face and hands.

So i would go to the doctor, and they had no idea what was wrong. They charged my insurance for a leg brace that helped me to walk normally, and at those certain low points, i thought i was paralyzed.

I didnt have the use of my wrists, or my ankles. I in all tents and purposes was paralyzed.

I had fell asleep on my limbs more than once, since i had severe bouts with exaustion and drained energy levels. We had no idea what was wrong.

I would get blood tests, the doctors wouldnt be checking for my mag or b12 levels, so they would tell me everything was perfectly fine, but i knew something was off. I was seeing undigested food in my toilet after relief, and Obviously i was getting worse, and no doctor could find the solution, one even prescribed me dandruff shampoo, that not only drained parts of my body through the skin of vital nutrients, but it spread the irritation everywhere to the point that even my genitals were burning, like myskin was one large scab.

This experience made me realize just what humans would feel like in their own skin, had we not had any access to medical information.

I think decided one day after reading online, that vit b12 was a vital nutrient for the health of not just your metabolism, thats only one benefit, and not even avery large one, since my metabolism is accelerated for my body type. I can burn through nutrients i need in a week or to.

So i not only have absorbtion issues, due to malabsorbtion, my body burns through anything i put in my stomach, and most of the time, it doesnt even absorb, so it doesnt work regardless of what i take.

People with malabsorbtion and metabolism issues, would probably gain tons of weight, and feel nerve pain not knowing what was happening.

B12 is so important, that it helps to reform nerves and red blood cells, and it works hand in hand with magnesium to maintain and nurouish your nerve cells, that if you have a b12 def, constipation, burning skin, migraines, and you dont know what is happening, its not just a b12 def, is magnesium as well.

So let me tell you about how i pulled off a micrale the likes of which most doctors cant believe since they are under the impression, that being paralyzed is a perminant state of being, that once it happens, thats it.

No, I took b12 injections twice a month, and took magtein magnesium, and magnesium citrate oil on my body and in my hair. after a few months, the function of my hands and ankles returned, one cell at a time, like i was coming back to life, my burning skin went away, now i have to rush to the bathroom since magnesium is responsible for more than 300 differnt bodily functions, including making the colorn muscles work normally, even with constipating medications. If you have to take lots of iron, use magnesium citrate powder. A few scoops acts a natural stool softener, which helps break down food and increase absortion, espcially if you go on a bio available diet, which cuts out sugar and caffiene, and this is only temporary until your body can regeenerate healthy cells, long enough, to increase the levels of your vitamin stores.

Taking something until you feel better, is not going to last, because your body needs it, stress, anxiety, caffiene, and sugar, all drain magnesium and b12 levels. So if you are eating a normal diet, with these low in their levels, you are killing yourself. I quit all that food for years, drinking nothing but water, eating only meat, veggies, and soudough bread with probiotics, that increases mag and b12 absorbtion, along with taking shots, and mag supplements and mag oil.

If youi go into the ocean and your skin burns, you have a mag def, if you make some oil and it burns, you have a mag def, if you are constipated, you have a mag and a b12 def and its being drained daily by stress levels and the food you are eating.

I had migraines that lasted 24 hours a day every day for a year, i had paralyzed feet and hands, i had hairloss, burning skin, and constipation. I reversed it after years of taking the supplements consistantly everyday, sometimes missing a day or two, but you must find the correct levels. For mag, some people need 2 times more than what is recomended for their body weight. I take 6000 mgs of magtein A DAY, and i take b12 injections, sublingual tablets, and the tablets you swallow, and ive been on it for years, and my body still isnt 100% healed, but im closer than ever, have a full head of hair, and people cant even tell my age. Being as im 32, and still get carded like im 18, because my skin, is beyond healthier than anything most people experience.

You can not get the proper levels from food, and doctors tell people the incorrect amounts for their body types. if you have a deficiency, you can never have enough b12, Some folks dont need it, but if you have a def, you will never not need it, and it is absolutely not toxic in high doses, unless you abso;utely dont need it, but people with def, will always need it.

So stopping when you feel better, is how you prolong the negative effects, since food in the modern day, does NOT have magnesium and bv12, no matter what they tell you to eat, you cant get what you need from it, since you nheed 2 times what is called for in your body weight and body type. Sometimes more. And the only negative effects from mag that tells you you dont need anymore, is extremely soft stool, but both having softer stool, and better absorbtion, means you can achieve wonderous levels of weight loss, if you only eat the healthiest foods. And once you reach a certain point you can return to a normal diet, like resetting your body like you are new born.

I am now able to eat donuts, soda, candy, and not face any negative effects, i can eat anything i like, and not gain a pound, and when my b12 levels get lower than they should be, i take an injection,a dn some sublingual tablets. and cutting out those foods regulate energy l;evels to the point you will never need another cup of coffee or have issues sleeping, which are both caused by caffiene and sugar.

I havent actually felt tired in years, and can now sleep when i want, how long i want, and dont need even a lick of coffee.

B12 and mag are what i call miracle supplements, that can even reverse paralyzed limbs, and regenerate cells, and the body, but you must be taking it long enough for your body to have become layered in regenerated cells that has made the mag and b12 apart of you, instead of running through your system. and if you are anemic, take iron and folate supplements, along with other b vitamins, but always take more of b12 and mag, it can reverse migraine pain, and completely get rid of those things causing you issues, because it feeds into stress and stress feeds into draining mag and b12 levels.

Anyone saying its bad, is a complete idiot, and they are going to kill themselves, and this is massively important due to the breeding stock of our food sources, and veggies completely having no mag or b12 in it, at least not in the levels we need, and if you drink alcohol, pretty much taking that stuff by mouth, does nothing and you will crap it all out.

If you dont believe it, take 3 scoops of citrate powder, and watch how your constipation dissapears, or if you have migraines, watch as b12, heals every nerve problem you have ever had.

I ended up with migraines from a pinched nerve in my shoulder as well, its completely gone and i havent had any real nerve issues since.

So i say thank you to b12, and magnesium, and dont listen to anyone about it, they dont know tyhe importance, not even doctors know, or they do, and they are doing it on purpose, and food is taking away those 2 highly important vits on purpose. Dont leave your fate in the hands of others, take control, and heal yourself, and dont listen to any moron saying its no good. they are the 2 most important vitamins in the human body, and mag is responsible for more than 300 bodily functions. which means without it, you are dead, or worse facing so delapidating illness that you shouldnt have to because the doctors wont take your blood for the right tests and tell you the correct issue going on.l
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