War Declared: My Arsenal To Annihilate My Fissure [External]

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War Declared: My Arsenal To Annihilate My Fissure [External]

Postby PJ999 » 08 Aug 2015, 23:13

Hi! I have an external fissure as in not in or on my anus, but just beside it...

See my charming picture here: http://ge.tt/8mazhtL2/v/0

I did not know this was a fissure at first, I tried all kinds of creams, antibiotics, hydrocortisone 1% etc... nothing healed it.

Then a few weeks ago I went to the hospital to get a biopsy - they told me it was a fissure and scheduled a botox injection for me (1 month from now).

I prefer to not get botox inserted into my butt though, so I have just prepared for war by ordering an arsenal of potential fissure remedies...

My arsenal of potential remedies is based on the information I found in this forum's "success stories" section. I read it for 3 hours, took notes, then made a plan for war...

My arsenal is as follows:

Heating Pad - For better bloodflow to the area when I'm working behind my desk
Flushable Wet Wipes - See: long-story-but-i-m-finally-healed-t8764.html
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Many success stories with this one
Aloe Vera Gel - See: aloe-vera-gel-in-chronic-af-study-2014-t8425.html
Manuka Honey - Some success stories also
Hydrocortisone 1% - Helps with the inflammation I have, without inflammation it should heal easier

My question:

Is it normal to have an external fissure like I have? (see picture: http://ge.tt/8mazhtL2/v/0). And if so, is the method of healing it the same or should it be somewhat different?

I think I got it from scratching when I had an itch there, not straining on the toilet. It doesn't hurt when I pass stool also. But when I walk for too long I sometimes get a sharp pain as my skin there rubs against the fissure (so I don't do much walking anymore).

P.S. so far I've been using Diltiazem 2% for 2 weeks without any noticeable improvement.
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Re: War Declared: My Arsenal To Annihilate My Fissure [Exter

Postby pinpin » 12 Aug 2015, 04:09

Important addition to your plan would be diet. So BMs are easy to pass, and please don't strain during BM. Just relax, take time and you will find it easier, without damage to your fissure.

You can also try GTN (nitroglycerin), it may give effect if Dlitiazem doesn't.
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Re: War Declared: My Arsenal To Annihilate My Fissure [Exter

Postby k202 » 14 Aug 2015, 22:22

I would advise against the flushable wipes. Just wet normal toilet paper. The chemicals they put in the flushable wipes have caused severe rashes and itching with a small proportion of the population. It's a chemical abbreviated (MI). I found out the hard way with this and I feel that using these wipes really slowed down the healing process. Use flushable wipes with caution. These things are jacked up with chemicals.
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