warm water in morning = soft stools

drinking warm water before breakfast for constipation

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warm water in morning = soft stools

Postby Agibson » 13 Aug 2016, 04:53

Hi Folks,

i thought i'd share another breakthrough i had recently. ive seen it posted before by others, but thought i'd spread the love once more!

so one day, immediately on rising, i went back to the water therapy (after some travel related fissure setbacks) - my version is a pint of warm water (using kettle of course) , then a weakish coffee, then another warm pint, + another weak coffee. while doing this i sit for an hour or so, do a bit admin or reading, sipping water, sitting down, getting up at 6am if i have to leave the house for work in the morning. i basically stay put until i feel first a little air (!) and then the urge to have a BM - which comes on reasonably strong and clear. then i squat on the rim, and the consticency is just perfect as a result of this water therapy - soft but never becomes D. ive done this for 3 weeks now with absolute regularly and the same result/form every time - no pain. its feels like the stool just adapts to my body as it leaves - the opposite of how i felt before - my body having to adapt to a rock instead!

So i dont eat breakfast until ive had the BM - it feels like a good reset. after 3 weeks of this i feel quite normal there, just mild tinges sometimes. then i go about my day and hardly think of it. that part has really helped my general mood, positivity and openess to life and new experiences, risks... having restricted my diet and life in the past, im wondering if this will allow me to broaden it again.

Has anyone else found this kind of morning routine helpful? we all read 'drink more water throughout the day' but the act of hydrating your whole digestive system (thats how it feels) in the morning before giving it food, seems to create a perfect balance of solid+liquid in the body. and body responds with a quickness and efficiency that surprised me.

are there any electrolyte issues with drinking up to 3 pints in a morning?

Hope you all are having good days and finding solutions that work for you.

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Re: warm water in morning = soft stools

Postby pinpin » 15 Aug 2016, 03:16


Thank you sharing this, I can only relate to what you stated. Though in my case cold water works well! And I think no issues in 3 pints in morning for electrolytes. From what I heard and read, more water we drink - the better
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