Weeks of Yellow drainage? Please help !

Yellow fluid drainage, no surgery

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Weeks of Yellow drainage? Please help !

Postby Drainer » 14 Nov 2016, 21:54

Hey Everybody.

So my story is probably not like those of many others....I had a bad anal fissure that I basically just ignored for about 7 months. It would hurt during a BM, then I would get throbbing pains throughout the day...it would throb when I laughed real hard, when I was sitting for a long time, stuff like that. The pain was never unbearable, so I just let it alone. I also developed a small external hemmorhoid during this time. I am kicking myself now for not attending to this sooner.

Unfortunately...I've now developed something that is bothering way more than the fissure and hemmy ever did. For about 3 weeks now, I've basically been leaking this white/yellow fluid out of my butt throughout the day. If I clench real hard, I can see it actually come out of my butt..kinda gross I know...but I'm obsessed with it, it's been driving me crazy! Right after a BM there is usually some stool mixed in, and sometimes it's more pus like, which goes away after a few hours. The fluid itself doesn't have a strong smell. I first noticed when I started getting skid marks on my underwear, shocking for me because i've always been a clean freak. I have a cotton ball stuffed in there most of the time now to absorb the fluid. Thing is...my fissure pain is totally gone! I still get occasional pangs when I have a BM, but they are never that bad. I no longer have the throbbing pain i used to. I am obsessive about drinking water and eating right and exercising these days.

I've been worried sick about this drainage, even though to you guys it might seem pretty minor. It doesn't seem like I have any of the symptoms of an abscess or fistula. My CRS thought it might be that, but she also thought it might just be the fissure draining. I am going back on Thursday to get answers..I need to know! Worst case scenario I have something like anal cancer :( although I don't have any other symptoms of that. Best case this is just the fissure healing somehow and releasing the fluid to clean itself, i don't know. Anybody else have discharge when their fissure was healing naturally though? I guess middle scenario is that I have an abscess with fistula, which terrifies me too...I will definitely need surgery in this case.

It's a psychological thing, but this "incontinence" bothers me more than the pain or anything else. I'm pretty broken up about this. The drainage has been going on for almost 3 weeks now with no end in sight. The surgery for a fistula sounds pretty rough...my goal was to be healed by Xmas, but that seems less and less likely.

Thanks for any responses,

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