what could this be?

Worse after surgery - discolored all over

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what could this be?

Postby Smo069c » 21 Sep 2017, 09:24

Hi everyone. My name is Simone, I'm a 17 yo girl from Denmark. Ive suffered with fissures and skin tags for 6 months now - I've tried almost everything (diltiazem, nitro, levorag and then I got Botox 3 weeks ago) and it only seems to get worse everyday. The pain is so bad that I can't sit or lay down for more than a couple minutes before it starts to hurt like hell.
There has been no improvement in either my fissures or skin tags (my current doctor won't remove my skin tag since he claims they can't hurt or itch..) I've been at a hospital and 4 different specialist (since everyone I come to just keep sending me to a new one or telling me nothing's wrong and I'm just making it up)..
I've been told that it was fissures, then it was hemorrhoids, then nothing was wrong and then it was fissures again?? I'm so confused, lost and depressed and I really don't know what to do anymore - I was really hoping the botox would help me but I'm now 3 weeks post surgery and nothing's changed..

Well enough about that, lol.
My question is actually about me being really discolored/bruised (blue/purple/black) all around the sphincter and what it seems to be just inside as well see the attached and waaay to graphic pics... sorry lol - it can only be seen when I spread the cheeks and kinda push you know like I was on the toilet (hope it makes sense) I don't have any lumps or bumps on the outside - so it can't be hemorrhoids can it? My doctors says that they can't see anything and it looks fine - but me and my mum really don't think it looks either fine or normal. I've been looking like that since the fissures started getting bad (like 5 months ago) the blue/purple color didn't got worse after botox but it definitely didn't got better either. So my question to you guys is - what is wrong with my bum lol? I mean I know I have fissures but why am I blue and purple around the whole "ring" of the muscle and why am I blood red/purple inside my anus as well?

Xo a really really reallyyyy confused and sad girl
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Re: what could this be?

Postby Mypoorbutt » 21 Sep 2017, 15:22

I'm not a CRS but some people's veins are much nearer the surface and I wonder if perhaps your just having slight bleeding and that's the colour is from bruising.
If you are still in significant pain then I would suggest asking for a pain killer like fanatic pregablin as nothing touched my pain until I tried gabapentin.
Also sometimes Botox can take 4/6 weeks to kick in.
Could you ask to see a CRS that specialised in IBDs as these tend to have to think outside the box
Really good luck
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Re: what could this be?

Postby LemonMan » 21 Sep 2017, 15:45

Hi Simone,

Sounds like you are having an terrible time of it. So sorry to hear this.

As someone who is not an expert, but has gained first hand experience lol - I would say you are looking at grade 2 external hemorrhoids (the dark red/blue external bits). The inside red bit is difficult to say. Maybe the results of botox. You also look like you might have a small external fissure.

Do you recall how this first happened?

It doesn't surprise me that the Docs get confused. Fissures are often difficult to spot.

Regarding Botox, this can take a while to kick in. In my own case I felt good after about six weeks. The bruising and hemerrhoids could also be aggravated by botox.

I personally wouldn't panic too much at this stage and see how the botox goes for another couple of weeks. The key thing is to keep your stools as soft as possible. I've found hot baths also help with the pain, and generally relax things down there.

Hope things improve for you.

Good luck to you, LM
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