When to be concerned

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When to be concerned

Postby Mybumhurts2 » 04 Mar 2017, 09:41

First, I've been to the doctor a ton but no diagnosis and waiting for referral to gastro. I'm assuming it's a fissure or internal hemm at this point cause it's improved and flared up over the last three months. My questions are when to be concerned and how did you know what you were dealing with? I felt a cut after a large bm and have been dealing with this for the last three months. I feel a fullness at the rectum and feel like something is at the end of my anus but it won't go away. It seems to get worse with poor diet and I've used proctofoam which helps cool it down, but if I push or have another big movement I'll get a bit of blood down there and feel a flare up. What can I do to make it go away, i have a bm pretty much every day some are narrower then others and some feel like I don't get it all out. Does it sound like a fissure or hemmy or after three months should I start demanding more from the doc? I don't want to freak myself out but I'm getting hip pain associated with the BMs too but it seems like there was a direct cause since it started the day after I felt a small cut during the bm.
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Re: When to be concerned

Postby struggling79 » 04 Mar 2017, 17:47

I waited 4 weeks before I finally saw a doctor. I thought I had hemorrhoids and the doctor did too. She referred me to a surgeon the following week and he diagnosed as a fissure instead. I really regret not going to a doctor sooner.

I have no experience with hemorrhoids, but I can explain my fissure pain and maybe that can help. Usually, I don't feel pain during a bm but it starts an hour later. I feel like I experience 3 types of pain though not necessarily at the same time. The first is a burning pain. Second is a very sharp, stabbing pain. Third is a general sore/ache where my whole private area(s) feels like they've been injured.

I use diltiazem ointment, take Miralax to keep my bm soft, take a sitz bath after every bm or whenever I feel it will help. I also alternate between sitting on ice packs and a heating pad.
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