When to come off the Miralax/Movicol?

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When to come off the Miralax/Movicol?

Postby Ando666 » 20 Dec 2015, 04:25

I have been taking Movicol since the end of October due to a Chronic anal fissure. I have been pain free since I started taking it (although at the 3-4 week mark I had a lot of itching which lasted for a week or two).

I've heard these fissures take a long time to heal so I've really no idea when to start coming off the magic stuff and was looking for some ideas? I have figured that when I do I will start off by halving my 2 doses per day.

Thanks and merry Christmas :sunny:
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Re: When to come off the Miralax/Movicol?

Postby Canadabum » 22 Dec 2015, 07:36

Hi Ando - I also use movicol and have been doing so for approx 5 months. I started taking 1 dose per day and now take less than half a dose a day (I split it up in morning and evening).

I have been to one surgeon and one gastro who both had no concern about me using this for a year or longer.

Recently I have added Metamucil (psyllium) a few times a day. I have found - for me - the combo to work really well. My gastro advised using both for 6 weeks then tapering off the movicol while continuing with the psyllium. So that is my plan - I begin tapering late January.

You may want to give the combo a try and start the taper. Personally I would not cut in half but go slower to see how the changes impact you. So if you are taking 2tsp at a time perhaps cut down to 1.75 or 1.5tsp for a week or so....and so on. My thought for myself would be to give myself a couple months to taper off...so very gradually. That said, if I found any ill effect from tapering I would reintroduce as I am not concerned about long term use for myself.

Best of luck finding the right balance!!

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