Why Is There So Little Info?

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Why Is There So Little Info?

Postby chuggs13 » 03 Sep 2012, 15:22

I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now, since scheduling a fistulotomy. I still have not found much information similar to my situation so I'm hoping someone can in the future. To keep the intro short, I am a 28-year old woman who during college had a pilonidal cyst, which healed with I&D and daily packing. 6 years later I started noticing a cyst closer to my rectum. I went to my general doctor and she thought it was a bartholin cyst, lanced it and sent me on my way to follow up with OBGYN. My OBGYN said it was not a bartholin that it was actually a perianal abcess with some granulation tissue. He scheduled me for a one day outpatient to incise and drain the abcess. Almost immediately I knew that things were not healing properly, but my doctor insisted that it would take time. After a couple months, I decided to go and see a CRS. He diagnosed me with a fistula and we scheduled fistulotomy. My surgery took place 3 days ago.
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Re: Why Is There So Little Info?

Postby Ever the Optimist » 04 Sep 2012, 10:46

Hi Chuggs,
How are you doing now post-op? It sounds good you finally have some answers and that action has been to help sort you out. All this anal stuff is just horrid isn't it? - especially when you are dealing with multiple issues.
Just go the post surgery section and you will find a few fistula recovery stories. I had my Op 2.5 months ago - You can read my account "3 days Post-Fistulomy" There's also accounts from This Fissure Can Kiss My Butt (!) and SueUK, as well as older posters.
Hopefully you can relate to these and gain some reassurance that things do get back to normal slowly, despite the ocassional set back in some cases....
The best and most reassuring information I also found on this site although there are a lot of medical sites which provide good basic knowledge on Fistulas/ types and different surgical procedures too.
Hoping your recovery is going well and come back for any answers to any queries you might still have. Someone will be here to respond I'm sure :)
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