12 years with AF, two surgeries

Not healed

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12 years with AF, two surgeries

Postby arslanty » 13 Aug 2017, 05:16

Hi all,

I might actually be the most experienced here. But I just wanted to hear what you think about it.

So I am now 31 and it all started when I was 19. After eating hot food then, I had constipation and it was most probably then I got this fissure.

Unfortunately, I lived with it for two years without seeing the doctor... Then I finally saw a doctor and learnt that it was something called anal fissure, which needed an operation. I had a surgery then but the fissure remained with me.

By then, I had already learnt to live with it. But some 3 years later, I decided to give it another try and to have second surgery. This time it was definitely LIS but I am not sure about the first time as I did not have much knowledge of anal fissure and they did not tell me a word what they were doing.

Anyways, so the second surgery changed the nature of my problems. With so much experience of such issues, I think that the fissure was healed after surgery. So the pain I have after bowel movement was definitely less after this surgery. And I definitely don't feel that strange ache which is hard to describe but you guys know well.

So what I have after the second surgery and still today is as follows:

(1) More straining in the toilet, sometimes with so much difficulty. But as I said above, I learnt to live with it. What this means is in my life routine and if I can go to the toilet every day, the effects of this problem are less observable. But still I've never been completely comfortable with going to the toilet, which means that my every bowel movement is actually like someone with constipation. The degrees vary but this is the case. [as you know, LIS is particularly directed to solve the problem of straining but it got worse]
(2) In addition to the issue of straining, I occasionally have bleeding if I have constipation. I try to avoid it, of course, but it is not always possible. And if bleeding happens, I have more pain than normal after the toilet.

HUNCH: When I try to touch the area to understand the problem, when I feel the urge, something is blocking the way of stool, which makes me push more. So I doubt that there is an anal fissure now but perhaps a piece of skin. Or this is how I sense.

Potential "see a doctor again" comment: I did and plan to do in the near future. Two doctors I have seen who palpated told me that they don't see anything. I did not have a colonoscopy after the second surgery though. So the aim of writing here is to see what you think and perhaps anybody with a similar problem...

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Re: 12 years with AF, two surgeries

Postby Glorybee » 13 Aug 2017, 08:23

I know that blockage feeling well. I'm not sure if its muscle spasm or swelling, but taking Mirilax has helped the feeling for me. It also ended the straining which I guess is super important with AF.
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Re: 12 years with AF, two surgeries

Postby patience_and_healing » 13 Aug 2017, 11:53

You should get checked out to see if there is a narrowing of the anal canal. Also possible pelvic floor dysfunction.
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